Blasphemous Blow Jobs in the confessional

I love the color white and I look absolutely adorable in it. I am a proper Catholic girl–just ready to celebrate that first communion. I am so excited to put on that white dress and veil. I can’t wait to walk down the long aisle at the Cathedral with the other angelic princesses. I look the best though! My hair is red and my eyes are blue.

I stick my tongue out and the priest lays the wafer upon it and I feel a surge of warmth run down my entire body. It’s like electricity! Oh no! It must be one of those forbidden thoughts. I have heard all about those forbidden phone sex thoughts. Good girls aren’t supposed to think them and here during my special day my mind is filled with them and my white, chaste panties are very wet.

I guess when I go to the confessional I’ll have to let the priest know all about the sinful things inside my brain. I know he’ll want to hear them and he’ll be ready to tell me how to save myself–

What is it about blasphemy phone sex that can be so uncomfortable yet so arousing at the same time. I would love to be that little girl in the confessional while you—the priest–absolves me by binding us together with a pact that says I’ll be there each Sunday to suck him off while he listens to others tell him of their nasty deeds….

Little girls clean up white pee

Age play phone sexaimie42315aWhen I got dressed this morning I put on this little thin t-shirt with little puffy butterflies that raise up just over the top of my budding nipples. I also put on my favorite pair of blue jeans–the ones with the butterflies on the pockets–flair cuff and a little low riding. I love wearing these jeans because they make me feel all grown up. I’m excited because I think there is a boy at school who digs me and I want to look my very best.

I brush out my long red hair and put on some bubblegum flavored lip gloss. I go to school that day and I cannot wait until the end of the day when I get to sit under the stairs with my new boyfriend. He’s a lot older than I am–he goes to the high school that is connected to our little corner of the educational world. I am even all ready with my note that I have folded in that triangular pattern with his name in my cute little bubble-lettered handwriting–John. Giggles.

John with the black hair and brown eyes and much older girlfriend prefers my company! He comes over after everyone leaves and I am left behind waiting on my dad to come and pick me up. We sit under the stairs and he always brings me candy. Today it is green jolly ranchers–my favorite.

I handed John my note and he read it and looked at me. I climbed into his lap and gave him a soft green apple peck on his lips–then he opened his mouth and I opened mine. I could taste the green apple on his tongue and he could taste it on mine. He put his hands on my waist and then jumped–he was hard in his lap. I asked why. He stood up and showed me his thingy. It was very long and he peed white stuff all over the floor! He was a little embarrassed about this and didn’t want any trouble. He told me I could help by licking it up off the floor with my mouth so I did.  I like J and don’t want him to get into trouble!

Come in my room daddy

daddy daughter phone sexMommy was out of town for work so Daddy slept in my room last night! I was super excited because I love playing all the dirty games my daddy likes to play, he always makes me feel really, really good. He looked so sad and pitiful when he came in there last night, he said that mean old mommy wouldn’t fuck him before he left so now he was hurting because it had been so long since he came. Poor Daddy! There was no way I was gonna let my daddy suffer like that! I got right down on my knees and gobbled that cock right up! Daddy fucked my face until he was rock hard, then he flipped me right over and shoved his cock balls deep into my dripping wet pussy. OMG it felt sooooooo good!! No one fucks me like Daddy does! Anyway, Mommy will be gone all week so I know I can make sure he is fully satisfied until she gets back. I wish he would just make her go away forever, so I could take care of him the way he deserves all the time!

Are you Elf enough to handle my toy?

Strap on phone sexI want to give you a lickin’ from my naughty stick little Elf! It is almost Christmas, and this little girl has a lot of making up to do for the misdeeds of last year. In order to exhonerate myself, and get what I want from Santa I will need to find a few good submissive elves to submit to Aimie’s naughty dildo. I absolutely love to get down and dirty with guys who love to bend over–so if you read my plea and want to help me get back in Santa’s good graces I will promise to take it semi-easy on you. I just want to make sure that Santa brings me lots of naughty gifts to play with in 2015–so are you Elf enough to handle my toy? Ringy my dingy!
Strap on phone sex with Aimie

A good and proper mouth fucking at 3 in the morning

Blow job phone sexIt’s 3 am and we are tired–it’s time for bed. However, D and I know it’s never really TIME until I’ve received the proper tuck in. The naughtiness of which I speak refers to a good and solid mouth fucking. D delivers this everytime. I just love going down on my 12” rubber dick so D can imagine throat fucking me. The sounds I make for him–gagging, slurping–panting–all real thanks to my toy. I know this is a very hot thing for most guys–to know that I am down on my knees with a real dildo in my mouth sucking your cock and loving every minute. I really love bringing D off this way–I love how he treats me to a very hot, steamy load every single time.

Blow job phone sex

Rich Girl teases working class guy gets phone fucked

Cock teasing phone sexI know you’re here to clean our pool, but you’re not supposed to be in the house. Yet, I find you in our kitchen drinking milk out of our milk jug and helping yourself to some fresh fruit that my Mom had cut up only hours earlier. When I confront you about being in our kitchen and accuse you of stealing our food, you smile and look at me. I warned you that I would have to tell my Daddy and he would be unhappy–maybe he would even fire you.
I am wearing a white spaghetti-strap top and a short jean skirt. I didn’t have a bra on, that was clear to you because my perky breasts where showcasing some very hard, violet nipples beneath the fabirc. I was also wearing black high heeled sandals–interesting choice for the middle of the day.
“Well if you were my daughter and you came waltzing around a strange man dressed like that I wouldn’t like it. I am sure your Daddy wouldn’t approve of that outfit at all.” You took a bite of a Granny Smith Apple.
I decided to rub in the fact that we live in the richest part of town. I go to the best schools and my Daddy drives the best cars. I tell you that you look like working class crap–that I don’t really associate with your type especially since you are wearing a work uniform that looks grungy and dirty. I tell you that you’re nothing but our employee and that you should get back to cleaning the pool.
You tell me that you own the business that we’ve contracted for pool cleaning. You tell me you just got out of the Navy and that you love working outside–you love cleaning pools. So I tell you that if you like it so much you need to get back outside.
“Are you going to be out there tanning again,” you say, “I think it is hilarious how you’re always tanning when it’s pool cleaning time.” You stand up and face me.
I cannot believe your nerve. I cannot believe you would dare talk to me that way when we PAY you to clean our pool. I am very dismissive and tell you I enjoy tanning because prom is coming and I need to look my best. I also warn you that because I am technically your boss you shouldn’t talk to me that way.
“I’m my own boss,” you sneer.
I move in close to him, “Get out of our house or I’m going to tell Daddy you were eating and drinking and mucking up our kitchen with your dirty work shoes and your sandpaper hands.”
“It’s ok, you’re just a tease. You love dressing naughty and you love showing your body to me. You can go ahead and keep showing it to me,” You lean down with your elbows on the counter, “I mean I can see straight through that shirt, you might as well take it off.”
“I’m no tease, you just need to get out of my house,” I whine.
“It’s your Daddy’s house,” you retort and move in less than a foot from me, “You gonna tell Daddy are ya?”
I am looking at you. I am obviously not hiding my lustful intention very well now I am near you and can smell your manly sweat. You sweep in and start kissing me on the neck.
“Gonna tell Daddy now?” you tease
“Yes,” I pout, but I am starting to like it, I start to sigh and moan as your pelvis meets mine.
“No you’re not,” you say, and you start biting my neck.
Before I know my shirt is off and you’re licking my hard nipples. Your warm mouth feels so good on them I can barely take it. Very soon thereafter, this little rich girl is on her knees before you sucking your cock–with your work uniform dangling around your waist and your dirty work boots still muddying the floor.

Classic teases with Aimie–packs a naughty punch. Gimme a call.
Cock teasing phone sex with Aimie!

Cock teasing phone sex

Age play phone sex with Aimie

no limits phone sexWhen I say I have no limits, that means I have no limits about what I will talk about. I do not mind it if a guy wants to violate a precious young slit or stuff his cock into the pleasing mouth of someone far too young to understand what is going on. I love talking about how hard a guy gets for peach fuzz covered cunt. Age play phone sex is a guilty pleasure of mine too. I know how it can ache sometimes to want something you shouldn’t want to have.
I was talking to my friend “J” a couple of days ago about this and we both agreed that talking about it between two adults is not harming anyone. It doesn’t hurt to describe the delicacy for a very naughty Daddy so that he can jack off to that lewd visual in his mind. I guess that is why I don’t mind getting pervy with my callers–it doesn’t really bother me to do so in the slightest.

I often get asked if I have a limit anyway–even though I say repeatedly that I do not. I know that it is in a guy’s nature to want to make sure we’re ok with your deviant need–and I can speak for me when I say I am. It doesn’t matter to me as long as you are ready to talk about it openly with me. We can have a great time and I guarantee you that you will cum harder than you ever have when you finally find someone like me who will not sit in judgment on you. You will also feel a sense of relief knowing that you told someone how you feel and that person in turn jerked you off to such dirty thoughts. Cum play in my playpen (giggles) you will be happy you found your age play phone sex specialist!