Office Christmas party turns into cuckolding husband event

Big Black Cock phone sexI was at my husbands office Christmas party and they are so boring I am always looking for something fun to do.  I was standing around drinking some wine, while my boring husband worked the room.  That’s when I saw HIM, big beautiful, nicely cut Big Black Cock phone sex man!

I walked around the room moving myself closer to him.  When I finally got to him he was better than what I thought.  So I started talking to him or rather flirting with him, hehe.  Anyways my flirting was reciprocated and we flirted for a while getting to know each other.  He asked if I was married and I told him that this was my husbands work Christmas party and he has disappeared mingling with everybody.

We had such a sexual chemistry together that he said that there was an empty conference room in the back maybe we could have some privacy.  Hell YA!  I’m totally up for going to the back for some privacy so we can do our thing *wink*.

We get to the conference room and there is this big conference table so he picked me up and sat me on the table.  We embraced in a very passionate wet kiss and I wrapped my legs around him, scooted him to where his hard cock would push up against my wet pussy and started grinding.  We took each others clothes off and he slid his Big Black Cock into my tight pussy.  We were enjoying ourselves when my husband found us.  Did I stop?  HELL NO!  I made my husband watch as I was getting fucked so hard and my pussy was dripping.

I didn’t expect this but my husband was actually turned on by my Cuckold phone sex.  He pulled out his little cock and started stroking it.  When that big black guy shot his load in me my husband shot his load everywhere!

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Dick smacking phone sex

dick smacking phone sexHe found this out quite by accident when I sat down next to him a little too forcefully. My hand came flying down onto his lap, where the erection my hot legs made him spring received quite the little jolt. It wasn’t that it hurt. It made him cum he had to admit this to me because he needed some recovery time.

So as time passed I’d start smacking his bare dick during blow jobs. Sometimes, I’d pull it out for a spank. He would cum with the burn of my dick smacking phone sex touch. He was surprised to learn that the pain and pleasure mixed to make such an intense orgasm.

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Courtenay.
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Are you the cum slut I’ve been looking for?

shemale curious phone sexHoly shit batgirl! I have been pretty popular as of late. Especially with all of you tranny cock loving guys out there! I have been kind of spoiled with all of this shemale phone sex attention and I fuckin’ love it! I know that every time my phone rings, I’m about to enjoy a super kinky time. It’s almost like I get erect instantly!

So, when you call me for a hot and nasty tranny phone sex experience, will I be filling your throat with this hard cock, before I bend you over the kitchen table and stuff you full of she-meat? You’ll nut so hard your toes will curl and you’ll be moaning like a little tranny loving cum slut!! There’s nothing wrong with that though. Well, what are you waiting for? I’m already hard, and I need a warm wet hole to fill with my exquisite shemale seed!!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Carina.
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Mother son phone sex shamelessly fucking my own son

Mother son phone sexI caught him standing there in the doorway with his cock bound.  Layers of tape wrapped from base to head gave his schlong the appearance of one of those women from Africa–the kind who wear the neck rings.  His massive mushroom of a cock head was purple and bulging.  A bit of fluid dangled from the glans.  He was sniffing my day old panties–thought I was leaving the house for a few days but I came back.  I had no shame when I stripped down naked and lovingly scolded my son for using the old panties–that because he’d come of age he needed to be using fresh ones.  That was he beginning of my incest phone sex relationship with my son.

We made many discoveries and found we both had a fetish for light bondage and sensation play.  For instance, when I would bind my son’s cock before we fucked, I would light thump his cock head.  Thump–Thump–Thump–to which he would beg for me to let him screw my tight Mommy pussy.  I would giggle as I lifted my pert ass up in the air with knees spread and the victory V of my fingers parting the elastic folds of my pink birth hole.  “Yeah, fuck me you little mother fucker.”  And then we’d get it on.  No shame.  His gigantic purple shroom always sent shock waves from my pubis to my nipples were I often wore nipple clamps with weights on them.

I had my adult son move back in with me so that we can engage in our mother son phone sex almost constantly.  When we are home together–we are naked.  I have encouraged my son to think of me more as a Momma cum slut than just Mom.  I can’t get enough of my son’s exquisite dick. There is so much pleasure to be gleaned from one’s own flesh and blood–don’t you agree?

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Golden showers phone sex

Golden showers phone sexYou dream of your Mommy, don’t you?  You crave that golden nectar trickling down your throat from your Momma’s pussy!

Many of you boys out there know what it’s like to be with your Mommy Joan.  You secretly crave your Mommy’s Golden showers phone sex.  And your Mommy is all to happy to oblige your desires.

You love it when your Mommy has you lay down on your back and she squats over your face, where you can see her beautiful pussy, and let’s that Sweet Golden Nectar flow into your mouth!  You tell your Mommy how good her sweet nectar tastes and that you crave it all of the time.

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Joan.
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Rohanda’s Size Queen Phone Sex

Size Queen Phone SexNow come on, you knew I was a size queen phone sex slut from the very beginning. That is why I always cuckold my men, because there is always someone younger, harder, and longer around the corner. Normally even if I use you as a bull, eventually you will have a replacement. When that happens you are forced into being my cuckold whore to keep my enticing purr in your ear and close at hand.

That said I have found a 14 inch big black cock that all my cuckold sluts have to try. Not even I can take all of his shaft in my throat or cunt, but the ass takes him down to the balls. Now most of you down low cuckolds I can hear your ass’s begging and biting at the bit to get stretched, and some of you guys need a sexy woman to surrender you to her will to suck cock.

Come and see this huge, bulging, dick bang me, and shoot me full of all his chocolate nut. In no time flat you will be like a slutty bi tramp on your knees with your mouth open wide telling me how unworthy you are to fuck my magnificent pussy because of your pathetic dick. But that ass hole  of yours can help satisfy my enormous cock man and keep him coming back for more and more of my size queen phone sex adventures.

Sucks and licks to all the size queen phone sex loving dicks.

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Rohanda.
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Dominant Step Mom Seduction

Dominant Step Mom SeductionYou’re so lazy, I did it your fathers way, now it is time for dominant step mom seduction. Excuse me, but I asked you to clean while I was dropping the kids at the sitters, and I come home just to find you jerking your cock off in my panties? How long have you been using my panties to get yourself off you dirty step piglet?

Well since you think you are so familiar with my whore pussy, get on your knees and now so I can sit on your face and give you the taste of whoreness. Lick all the cum from my hungry tulip, and then maybe I will decide to let you play in my pussy paradise. Young guys like you never have the gumption to really dedicate yourself to mature women like me, so I will just use you in a pinch to make myself get off.

Lie down on your back and get ready for face sitting phone sex while I smack your cock down and punish you for being such a bad boy. Maybe now you will go about getting dominant step mom seduction phone sex another way.

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Delilah.
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Dark desires, yes Aunt’s have those too

auntie phone sexOne of my favorite guilty pleasures in life is helping you unleash yours. I’m extremely open minded and creative and love taking that auntie phone sex fantasy to the next level for you.

The devil is in the details, my sweet. The firmness of my thighs as I show you just enough to make you lust for me. The swell of my cleavage as I share with you stories of my love life, my sex life and the men I fuck. These things make that nephew dick ache for the loving embrace of a seductive, dirty Auntie Jackie.

I am THE Auntie you’ve been seeking. One call with me will prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt as your cum expels with such force you’ll wonder what happened!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Jackie.
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The phone sex masseuse that gives a little extra attention

phone sex masseuseA darkened room.  New age ambiance.  The lingering aroma of herbal remedies hanging in the air.  The harpsicord and the relaxing sound of classical music.  The candles.  The woman in the corner.   All curves and sass.  She’s oiling her hands.  She prepares to touch you starting at your feet.  The squeezing and release of your flesh sends jolts of stimulation throughout your entire body.  You’re draped in a warm terry cloth towel, naked below.  The woman–the blonde phone sex enigma of your dreams.  The mysterious and almost preternatural embodiment of every lustful jack off session you’ve had.  She rubbing your body.  She’s moved to your legs.

She digs in with strong knuckles releasing each filament of tension in your muscles.  She instructs you to turn face up.  You do so, your cock betraying you with an erection that cannot be missed.  That sardonic smile on her face.  She’s seen something like this before.  Beginning on your front, she works her way from your scalp to your feet.  Your nerves are a highway conducting sexual signals to every single inch of your body capable of sensation.

But what’s this?  She’s coming back upward.  She’s pushed her hand under the towel.  Gazing down with shared lust she takes your penis in her slickened hand.  Rubbing slowly, yes that’s it.  Rubbing OH so slowly.  It’s an extra.  An extra you’ve always dreamed of.  The expert touch around your balls and anal glands builds and then she stops to kiss you–with tongue.

Masseuse phone sex with Cat will leave you breathlessly surprised–and there is oh so much more to this tale.  I would love for you to call me so I can tell you the rest.

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Cat.
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Masochistic Phone Sex Fetish Slut

Confession Phone SexYes, I am a masochistic phone sex fetish slut! So fucking hurt me please! The last man that choked me didn’t make me pass out, no one  could smack me like you, or stick needles into my tits like I know you will. Hell, I will even get on the horse and let you saw my little cunt and ass in half with my own weight and gravity just to please you.

What if I told you I could take a double fist bat in any of my holes and you can piss all over my face until I choke. Please let me borrow your sadistic side while you abuse me for your own needs. Kick me, punch me, tie me up and dangle me upside down while you turn my cunt inside out. I deserve to be spanked and flogged until I bleed, then locked away like a caterpillar with my head wrapped in plastic. Take me out just to use and abuse me all over again because you know no matter how much I cry and plead I need it for my masochistic phone sex fetish.

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Ruby.
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