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Big Black CockI am a Slutty Phone Sex Mommy, I love to dress in crop tops, really short miniskirts and slutty stripper shoes all of the time.  You have been turned on by your Mommy for so long and always stroke your cock to her.

Your Mommy has some french doors in her bedroom where she can sneak in men to fuck. You like to watch your Mommy getting fucked by Big Black Cock phone sex men.  Once your Mommy caught you watching her while she was getting fucked by a huge cock, you were in the doorway with your hard cock out doing Masturbation phone sex, Mommy just motioned you into the bedroom to watch her closer.  So that became the thing between us, Mommy sneaks the men into her bedroom and you sit by the bed stroking your young cock.

One day you took your Mommy to an Adult Store that had a glory hole in the back.  You wanted to watch your Mom suck on cock after cock after cock and slurp down all of that cum!  You want your Mom to be a total Phone Sex Cum Slut!  But as your Mom was sucking a cock one guy sneaked around to the room and started fucking your Mom while she was sucking on cock!  When that guy cums in your mouth you get this urge to taste cum so you lean down and kiss your Mom and she gives you that cum to slurp up!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Thelma.
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Natural Tits Phone Sex

Natural Tits Phone SexDo you like the way my big Natural Tits Phone Sex look, all hiked up in this white halter top? I love how sexy they are, all pulled up and squished together. Practically waiting for your big dick to be all squished in between them. I love a good titty fucking and I bet you have the right tool to do it! I always love to look and feel my best and I love to take phone sex calls, all dolled up in a sexy little camisole with a cute little pair of satin panties. Do you want me on top of you, your hands caressing my sexy little juicy ass while I work my hips in a circle around on that big, beautiful cock of yours? I love how good it feels when you push it up in between my pussy lips, working it up and down on my fat little cunt lips. Slide me up on top of your hard cock. I want to reach down and play with that big thing, giving you a sweet kiss while I wiggle around on your big boner. I love how good you feel, throbbing up against my sexy leg, before you give me a proper fuck. I want you to come unglued and just leave your cock stroking up to me. You will love how good my hot hand feels around your cock, slowly caressing it and making you so-freaking-hard for me. I just love a good, old-fashioned fucking. Call me when you want a sexy little slut to caress your cock and take care of it properly for you.

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Perfect Pleasures in Pegging Phone Sex

Pleasures in Pegging Phone SexWhat makes such a sweet, tender and petite looking young woman want to peg her man’s asshole?  The pleasure of pegging phone sex was made known to me the moment I figured out how good it feels to be stretched and consumed in such a visceral way!

And for some men, being consumed in this way is the ultimate fantasy.  Tired of ‘wearing the pants’ they seek out the willing woman who will wear a plastic dick and make love to them the way they so diligently make love to the women in their lives.  Feeling sucked dry of all they have to give–they are looking to receive for a change.

And Miss Cybill is always ready to provide those gifts in any form you choose.  Whether it be seductively slow—erotically charged–romantic–or rough–we can explore our own personal pegging phone sex paradise whenever you’ve decided to submit to that desire.

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Cybill.
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Sexy forbidden phone sex

Forbidden phone sexI was in my boss’s office yesterday taking dictation when I noticed him staring down at my Big Tits phone sex.  I can’t blame him, I did wear a button up blouse that may have been unbuttoned a little to far *wink*.  I also had on a miniskirt with a garter belt and stockings and some knee high black boots.  I love dressing sexy for my boss because he is so HOT!

I had my legs crossed and my stocking and garter belt was part way showing.  I notice my boss coming over to my side of the desk giving me dictation and looking down at my legs.  He was having a hard time giving dictation and I could see a bulge in his pants.  He got off of the desk and leaned down and gave me a kiss.  Then we started passionately kissing, I stood up and pressed myself against him.  Wow as we continued on my panties came off as well as  my blouse.  His trousers ended up on the floor along with his shirt.  OMG that turned into some Major Steamy Secretary Phone Sex!

So you have a secretary that is so HOT that you can barely get your dictation read to her?  Well call me for some Steamy Secretary Phone Sex!


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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Rose.
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Forbidden role play phone sex

forbidden role play phone sexHere in family fun phone sex land peaches are in season.  The one between my legs is ripe and juicy and ready for my boys of ANY age to become full on those forbidden phone sex juices.  My voice will grab your attention as I spread my legs wider and wider to reveal my birth hole–that’s where you came from and that’s where your tongue goes.  You were born to take care of Mom.  ALL Of you.  All of you belong in my bed and between my legs.

I’ll get up on all fours and your face will go directly to that peach and suck the juices deep into your mouth where you will swap them with your sister.  Her mouth will be full of your juices and on and on.  We’ll grind and feast upon our family as nature intended.  Open wide and take a lick of this peach–you soon will become addicted to its juice and you’ll always want to be a part of Mommy’s fucked up plans from here on out.

Call me for any type of forbidden role play phone sex–I’m sexy, sinful and always ready to have my peach sucked!

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Fuck my ass phone sex

fuck my ass phone sexI’m always looking for more. More laughs. More stimulation. More men. More boys. Yes, even more cock. I love the feeling of fullness that comes with taking huge cocks in my ass. Anal is my favorite, after all. I simply got wet when I thought about applying my “always wanting more of everything” principle to my love of anal sex by getting filled in my back door with 2 massive cocks.

Did it hurt? At first, maybe a little. After they were both sawing in and out of my asshole though I started to feel full and satisfied. The squirting from my pussy kept me nice and wet and I was able to cum multiple times taking two cocks in my tight asshole. I am more than happy to say that I loved it so much that I am also able to take 2 dildos in my ass if necessary while we indulge that fuck my ass phone sex fantasy you’re craving. Call me the queen of anal, the queen of more *wink.

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Jackie.
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Mommy son age play phone sex

Mommy son age play phone sexMommy is being a Dirty Phone Sex Mommy tonight.  I have been really horny tonight and since my husband is out of town I feel like having my son sexually and teaching him things he should know about women.

So I was sitting on the bed in my bedroom and called for my son to come in because I had something to show him.  He said, Oh Mom why do I have to go in there, being reluctant as a usual Age Play phone sex young man would.  I said just come in here now.  So he comes to the bedroom and says what do you want, Mom?  Just come sit on the bed with your Mommy and I will show you.

So you sit on the bed next to me and I stood up in front of you and slipped off my tank top exposing my Big Tits phone sex.  Gawd Mom what are you doing?  I am pulling out my titties so you can feel of a real woman’s titties.  So come feel my titties, you get up and put your young hands on my titties and start rubbing them, see that’s not so bad now is it?  No Mom it feels really good touching your boobies, they are so soft and warm to the touch.  Good sweetie. Mom, I have a Confession phone sex thing to tell you, I have had a crush on you since I was a little boy and have always dreamed of this moment.  You have sweetie?  Well this is going to be really special for you because I am going to teach you all about women and now I am really excited to show you!

So I pull down my miniskirt and thong panties and put your hand in between my legs to feel my wet pussy.  You got so excited, you started sliding your fingers up and down the slit of my pussy, it is so wet Mom, I like it, it feels good.  You are the one that made me wet sweetie.  Do you want to feel what it is like to be inside of your birth hole?  Oh I do Mommy, well Mommy is going to lay back on the bed and spread her legs.  Come in between Mommy’s legs and slide your fuck stick into my wet Mommy pussy!

So, have you had a Dirty Mommy Phone Sex Confession to make?  Well come tell this Mommy and we can have plenty of Mommy Son Age Play Phone Sex!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Alexis.
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GILF phone sex next door

GILF phone sex next doorDo you have an older woman in your neighborhood that is that HOT GILF phone sex next door to you?  If you are reading this blog I bet you have and let’s act out your Phone Sex Fantasy for that GILF!

I love younger men, they make me soooo HOT, with their young bodies, hard cocks and major stamina!  I may be older but I am hard to keep up with when it comes to fucking!  Oh little one, if you haven’t experienced a GILF before then you are missing out for sure!  You need to go next door and ring that doorbell, you won’t be disappointed!  Then when I open the door, you are immediately turned on as I am not dressed like a Granny, I am dressed super hot accenting my assets.  I have that juicy wet pussy you have been wanting as you have been peeping in my bedroom window and watched me do Masturbation phone sex!  And now here you are, feeling weak in the knees not knowing how to handle yourself with this granny!

That’s ok sweetie let this granny take you into my bedroom and show you and do to you things you have only dreamed of!  So give this HOT GILF phone sex woman a call and let me teach you things you’ve only dreamed of baby!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Thelma.
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Panty Perverted Phone Sex

Panty Pervert Phone SexSo here I cum, the minute you have time alone.  I saw her ass pull out of the driveway.  I put on those pungent dirty red bikini bottoms and that sexy red top to match and knocked on your door.  With a bottle of wine, a bouquet of sex toys and a stack of porn I’m here to enforce our neighborhood agreement–you’re my panty pervert and we’re gonna have phone sex the entire time your gf is out of town.

I have multiple scenes–delicious anal rimmings, deep goring of horny assholes, anal stretching, gaping and more.  Wanna explore a real woman’s asshole?  Well let’s sit down and watch the films and you can put your finger in my dirty asshole.  Sniff it–get high and addicted on that saline aroma.  You’re such a naughty fucker.  Soon your down in there–eating that ass.  Eating it for all you’re worth–as if it’s you’re last meal.  When you’ve consumed enough and are drunk on my anal elixir–we’ll stuff yours with one of my many butt toys that I’ve brought to keep you tethered to my intoxicating perverse ass.  You are so fucking naughty and you cum so hard and fast–but panty pervert phone sex with you is still a guilty pleasure!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Rena.
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Mother and her son phone sex

Mother and her son phone sexIt was late at night and there was a bad thunderstorm outside, it woke you up and you were scared.  You knew the one person that would make you feel safe was your Mommy.  So you ran into your Mommy’s bedroom, got on the bed, under the covers and wrapped your arms around your Mommy.  Little did you know that your Mommy sleeps in the nude.  So your young cock got hard and you copped a feel of your Mommy’s Big Tits Phone Sex.

Well that woke your Mommy up and my son’s hands felt really good on my breasts.  So it is time for some Mommy Son Role Play Phone Sex.  So I rolled over and kissed my son and pressed myself up against him, I could feel his young cock so hard in his boxers.  So I took his boxers off and put my hand on his young cock and started rubbing it up and down.  I slide down between his legs and wrapped my mouth around his cock and started sucking on it.  MMMM tasted so good in my mouth!  I couldn’t wait to get this cock into Mommy’s pussy.

So I slide my pussy on his young hard cock and started rocking back and forth putting my big titties in his face!  Wow his cock felt really good in my pussy, I love having Family phone sex with my son! Do you need your Phone Sex Mommy?  Well I am here for you baby and will do any Fetish phone sex fantasy you have in that dirty mind of yours!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Savannah.
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