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panty boy phone sexYou called me with every intention to do some Perverted phone sex. You have sneaked into your Step Mom’s bedroom and retrieved some dirty panties from her hamper, some homemade sex dvd’s and her favorite dildo. You being a Phone Sex Panty Boy have already put on a pair of silky, bikini style panties, they are pressing against your hard cock feeling so good and you have laid the other used panties on your bed.

You have on a silky robe with those silky panties underneath and it feels so good and soft on your body that it is making your cock harder and turning you on so bad. You get those dirty panties off of your bed and start sniffing and licking them telling me how good they smell and taste. You slip off the robe, the arms of the robe moving slowly down your arms. Now you can’t wait to start playing with that dildo.

The reason you are anxious to play with her favorite dildo is because you know she hasn’t cleaned it off yet and the taste of her flavored lube and pussy juice are going to be on that dildo. Those Homemade DVD’s featuring your step mom, playing with her dildo, are playing in the background. That is getting you so excited that you get on the bed on your hands and knees and put your mouth around her dildo licking it up and down sucking on it. I told him that he was going to be a good little cock sucker for me so show me how you would suck a real cock. Then he told me that he wanted to practice because he wanted to be her fluffer boy and suck on those cocks to get them hard before she get’s fucked!

I especially loved seeing him deep throat that dildo it made my pussy so wet. So I get behind him and slipped the front of his panties down revealing his hard cock. So I started stroking his cock while he was sucking and deep throating that dildo. He got so excited with our Role play phone sex that he came all over the place!

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Jessee Does More Than Babysit The Brats

Babysitter Phone SexI answered an ad on Craigslist, I was looking for a babysitting job for the summer, you were looking for a babysitter. I came to your house for the interview and could not help but notice how sexy you were standing there with your shirt off as you answered the door. Telling me that you were sorry you were working out before the brats and wife got home. You told me to come inside and wait because she would be home shortly. The whole time I was there waiting I noticed how you were using your eyes to seduce me and undress me. I think we just knew right then and there that we wanted one another, I knew I wanted you! When your wife got home, she introduced herself and the little brats too. I told her that I could not wait to get started watching them, and she said yes you seem more than well qualified, you got the job! I was so excited she invited me to stay for dinner which I could not decline. As we were sitting at the table, you kept rubbing your leg up against mine and one time I even felt your hand on me. Every time I got up to excuse myself to go to the bathroom, you would seduce me with your eyes even more. I went to the bathroom and slid my hand down my panties and began rubbing my clit and made myself Cum so hard in them. They were soaking wet by the time I was done. I took them off and put them in the bathroom drawer under the sink. When I came back, I noticed the wife had taken the little ones upstairs, so I sat back down at the table and said to you I left you something special in the drawer in the bathroom under the sink. Once your wife was back, you excused yourself and were in the bathroom for quite some time. I knew what you were doing Cumming over in my panties. Now tell me I am not going to make the best Babysitter Phone Sex girl you have ever had.

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Fat Slut Phone Sex

Fat Slut Phone SexEverybody needs to break off a piece of fat slut phone sex. Any man that has ever been with a big plumper like me knows the sex is rolling tons of fun smacking big ass. Thick women are nice but mattress sluts like me can ride or be rode like a magic carpet.

That mixed with the fact we will suck and fuck any and everything in sight. Sucking old man dick for the rent in the am, then pumping the rental place for another day to watch my soaps. Even giving the Wally manager a tongue lashing to get the hook up on diapers and formula. Now let a skinny white boy pass my fat ass and need a pass on some free pussy. Tapping me and hitting me later gets me wet. Hide my phone number, lose it, but you will call my big ass when that skinny slut can not suck your dick like a chicken leg.

Scrapping sex is what I like to call it, because it is really only a big black cock that can get past all my fat rolls. Breeding me on my back or while I ride is all I really want. Using this cow pussy for power is what all fat white trash sluts like me enjoy.

Well that and humiliating the hell out of the men that sex me, telling them they are getting sloppy seconds. Making them clean the smegma from my fat ass gets me excited. All in all call me when you need a nasty whore that can shame slam you into feeling like the scum of the Earth. All your pretty wives can keep you but they can not make their ass’s clap like my fat.

Give in and suck it up for fat slut phone sex.

School Counselor Role Play

What kind of filthy pervert would call me for a school counselor role play phone sex call? Well one with extreme taste and the delight of an edging session gone haywire.. that’s who.. And this nasty role play went a little something like this..

“Oh hey why don’t you step in my office for a few minutes, I have been meaning to speak with you about your grades as of late. I mean looking at your transcripts you have always been such a great student… and lately I notice your grades are dropping… Is everything ok?”, I said with a smile.

” Well yeah I am fine, I mean my mom has been keeping me busy with chores. Like a lot of chores, and it is just me and her since my parents divorce”, he said nervously

“Oh sure I mean I remember my mom gave me chores and stuff too. Doing both can be kind of hard right? But I knew I wanted to go to school and keep my grades high so I always made time. It wasn’t always easy because I mean I was really social in school too. Looking at your activity log, it looks like maybe you are not in to many school social events right?” I opened the folder and showed him with a smile.

“So yeah, I mean my mom keeps me busy getting her ready for yoga, or drawing her baths, or helping her get dressed.. stuff like that. I mean I sometimes wonder if it is appropriate because I am a boy.. but I make sure she is shaved even down there…”, he stammered

“Well you know I would keep anything you told me in private a secret, but could you show me kind of how you help her.. you could I guess use me as like a stand in”, I said as I stood right in front of him.

“Sure, well I make sure her thigh highs are at an even height, and her bra looks good on her cans, and well sometimes I even get punished if I do it wrong.. She will you know she will give me a spanking … or stick her fingers in my bottom.”, after saying this he looked up at me as his fingers ran the length of the inside of my thighs.

Knowing full well this role play kid was full of BS I had to call him on it, and I knew just the ticket. ” You know could you show me how she would stick her fingers inside? I mean you could use my fingers? And tell me how to do it? I am always here to help ya know!”, I gestured for him to bend over my desk as I stood to the side of it.

Before I knew it this school boy had his undies dropped and was smacking his butt, showing me how to do it just right. Then he reached over and told me to use two fingers and run them along the inside of his ass. That is when his back door pussy started fucking the hell out of my finger tips, as I dropped the third in I heard him begin to moan.

“Oh no I am fixing to get in trouble, I am going to make a mess and she sticks four fingers in when I do that”, he said as he moaned and lurched.. His cock twitching out its load on the end of my desk. Without moving he took my spare hand and showed me how to punish his ass cheeks to finish off our school counselor role play.

Welcome to the maze of my mind, good luck finding your way out.

Hungry MILF uses foot fetish phone sex to get off

foot fetish phone sexfoot fetishYoung boys who call my line with a hard cock make me hungry and horny. The young, stiff phone sex cock is just the medicine I need when I want a swift, hard phone fuck. Many times these boys are in awe that I am so into them–but it is really their cocks that I crave. I enjoy boys who love viewing the bottoms of my feet because I get to enjoy watching the manhood roll away into a puddle on the floor. Driven to his knees between my spread, creamy thighs I dance a big toe over his lips inviting him to suck it–then tease him about how I suck cock the same way. See, sweet boy, you do get it don’t you? You know how it is to indulge an oral phone sex fixation.

They are transfixed by the mature wetness of my opening petals as my clit gives them the cum hither. That hard, pearly button needs their mouths after seeing them suck on my big toe so seductively. A few sucks of my clit and then I’m inviting a finger into my twitching sex. I love my fingering phone sex slow–deliberate–I like to have it build up a nasty wet orgasm to surprise those young boys with. I love how the young ones do it best. With guys my age you get the sweet, lasting foreplay–and I like that–but young boys know how to drill me–and I love that too.

So when he puts me on my back and slides that horny phone sex dick inside me–I feel it to the belly button. Full of young cock–my mature phone sex pussy is set to milking mode. Milking with the muscle control that 20 years old just don’t have. Holding him on edge until I’ve had my fill as he indulges in more toe sucking–running his tongue hungrily between each dainty toe.

I cum a few times–he cums once–it is an unbalanced phone sex affair but one I plan to play out again and again. Nothing gets me off harder than a boy who indulges his foot fetish fantasy while at the same time rams his young cock deep enough to get me off.

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Meredith.
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Secretary Phone Sex- I can’t wait to take your Dick-tation!

Sex is the most beautiful thing that can take place between a happily married man and his secretary. So, with that being said, Imagine if you had a secretary like me.  What kinky things would you do with me?  I’m sure I’d be doing more than setting up your appointments and getting you coffee! Or at least one would hope so!

One of my phone sex callers had a fun Sexy Secretary Phone Sex call with me earlier today.   In addition to my skillful secretary duties I was the seductive bargaining chip for closing the deal.  This one particular client of ours was on the fence about signing with us.  I simply had to do whatever was necessary to convince him that our services were like no other!

He was very surprised when I suddenly smiled at him and pulled my top open.  I crawled on the ground like the a provocative slutty cat and got right between his legs.  Rubbing my face against that stiff hard cock was turning me on and I could tell how excited he was, and it didn’t phase me in the least knowing my boss was still in the room or that he was now jerking himself off as well! Proudly, I deep-throated that cock like the expert whore that I am.  I rubbed my big full tits in his face .  He sucked and flicked his tongue until my nipples got hard, mean while my boss rubbed his fingers between my pussy lips.  I turned around and sat down on our would be clients big fat fuck rod and rode it hard- until my boss grabbed a fistful,pulling my hair until my mouth was in perfect alignment with this clients dick.   Of course the deal was closed when the enormous explosion erupted from our client shot his splooge all over my face.  I am clearly a newfound asset to this company now and I suspect our client base will be increasing dramatically in the near future.

How many of you find secretary phone sex as kinky as I do? Call me with your favorite boss/secretary phone sex fantasy. I can’t wait to take your dick-tation!!


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Office Christmas party turns into cuckolding husband event

Big Black Cock phone sexI was at my husbands office Christmas party and they are so boring I am always looking for something fun to do.  I was standing around drinking some wine, while my boring husband worked the room.  That’s when I saw HIM, big beautiful, nicely cut Big Black Cock phone sex man!

I walked around the room moving myself closer to him.  When I finally got to him he was better than what I thought.  So I started talking to him or rather flirting with him, hehe.  Anyways my flirting was reciprocated and we flirted for a while getting to know each other.  He asked if I was married and I told him that this was my husbands work Christmas party and he has disappeared mingling with everybody.

We had such a sexual chemistry together that he said that there was an empty conference room in the back maybe we could have some privacy.  Hell YA!  I’m totally up for going to the back for some privacy so we can do our thing *wink*.

We get to the conference room and there is this big conference table so he picked me up and sat me on the table.  We embraced in a very passionate wet kiss and I wrapped my legs around him, scooted him to where his hard cock would push up against my wet pussy and started grinding.  We took each others clothes off and he slid his Big Black Cock into my tight pussy.  We were enjoying ourselves when my husband found us.  Did I stop?  HELL NO!  I made my husband watch as I was getting fucked so hard and my pussy was dripping.

I didn’t expect this but my husband was actually turned on by my Cuckold phone sex.  He pulled out his little cock and started stroking it.  When that big black guy shot his load in me my husband shot his load everywhere!

So if you have a small dick and are into some Humiliation phone sex then give me a call!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Devon.
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Are you the cum slut I’ve been looking for?

Holy shit batgirl! I have been pretty popular as of late. Especially with all of you tranny cock loving guys out there! I have been kind of spoiled with all of this shemale phone sex attention and I fuckin’ love it! I know that every time my phone rings, I’m about to enjoy a super kinky time. It’s almost like I get erect instantly!

So, when you call me for a hot and nasty tranny phone sex experience, will I be filling your throat with this hard cock, before I bend you over the kitchen table and stuff you full of she-meat? You’ll nut so hard your toes will curl and you’ll be moaning like a little tranny loving cum slut!! There’s nothing wrong with that though. Well, what are you waiting for? I’m already hard, and I need a warm wet hole to fill with my exquisite shemale seed!!

This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Carina.
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Golden showers phone sex

Golden showers phone sexYou dream of your Mommy, don’t you?  You crave that golden nectar trickling down your throat from your Momma’s pussy!

Many of you boys out there know what it’s like to be with your Mommy Joan.  You secretly crave your Mommy’s Golden showers phone sex.  And your Mommy is all to happy to oblige your desires.

You love it when your Mommy has you lay down on your back and she squats over your face, where you can see her beautiful pussy, and let’s that Sweet Golden Nectar flow into your mouth!  You tell your Mommy how good her sweet nectar tastes and that you crave it all of the time.

So if you are looking for some Dirty Mommy phone sex with a twist then let this Mommy take care of your kinky desires!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Joan.
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Guided Masturbation phone sex with Mommy Rose

stroke your cockI walked by your bedroom and could tell you were frustrated for some reason. So I went into your bedroom and you said “Mommy, can you tell me how to masturbate”?  Sure sweetie, Mommy is here to take care of you.

So I take the covers off of you and revealed your incredibly big, hard, uncut cock.  It turns me on so much to watch my son masturbate his cock for his Mommy.  So I tell you to put one hand around the shaft of your cock and use your foreskin to move your hand up and down your cock.  I was so turned on watching you that I took my clothes off and started rubbing my pussy. I saw you watching me and your cock was leaking some precum.  I tell you to take your thumb and index finger, put them around your cock and start rubbing them up and down your cock.  How does that feel sweetie?  Oh Mom, it feels so good rubbing my cock like this!  I lay on the floor, grab my big dildo and slip it into my ever increasing wet pussy.  Now put both hands around your cock, move them up and down doing one on top of the other as you go.  You have been watching your Mommy, getting so turned on that your young cock is leaking lots of precum!  Now just leave one hand on your cock, rub it up and down while you take your free hand and put your palm on the head of your cock and start rubbing it, OH MOM, that feels sooooo goood, the tip of my cock is so sensitive.

Are you going to cummie for your Mommy sweetie?  Mommy has a surprise for you when you do.  I’m almost there Mommy keep playing with your dildo Mom.  Mom, will you suck on my cock to help me cum?  So I get up, go over to you, sit on the side of the bed, and put my mouth around your young hard cock and take it all the way down my throat where I gagged on it.  Oh Mom, I love when you gag on my cock, keep doing it Mom!  So I keep taking your cock all the way down my throat until you tell me you are ready to cum.  So I sit up and watch you stroke your cock until you cum all over your stomach.  Now I am going to lick your cum while you dip a finger in it and taste your own cum!

So if you need some Guided Masturbation phone sex with your Mommy, then give me a call sweetie!  I will give you the best Blowjob phone sex you have ever felt and you will cum so hard!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Rose.
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