Punish me, please!

No Taboo Phone SexWouldn’t you love to just grab me by my skinny phone sex waist and bend me in half while you play out your taboo phone sex fantasy with me. I love to think about fantasies that involve being punished for wanting cock, what better thing to punish me with than exactly what I crave?

What can I say? Being a bad little girl really turns me the fuck on. I love it when we are bad together because having a partner in cumming is so much fun. I have played with girls and boys off and on for my entire young life so this phone sex job puts me in touch with even more horny people. I love getting wet as I anticipate what kinds of nasty surprises await this hardcore phone sex cunt. Are you ready for a cunt dripping wet with the need of your dirty phone fuck? You’ve found your girl, gimme a call.

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Sexy Sunday half time slut

phone sex fantasyLooking for a little Sin in your Sunday? I love to be your sexy Sunday half time slut! I wanna worship your cock like a preacher in church, but you know I am no Angel *chuckles. When you’re looking for something a bit naughtier cum play on my special phone sex fantasy team. I come prepared with perky 36 DD’s that I would love you to play with. Imagine my lips wrapped around your dick while I’m down on my knees, while you rest your cold 40 ounce beer on my head. mmmm, foot ball, cold beer, good head and phone sex..Is there anything better?

But if you really wanna get fucking nasty with me I love giving up my tight end for your touch down. Its so hot when you spank your lubed monkey in my ass nice and deep while telling me what a dirty little bitch I am.

So when you’re looking for a tight end that loves being a wide receiver, come bend me over and butter my buns for a one on one old fashioned nasty phone fucks!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Hailee.
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Twisted bitch

insane phone sexI realize that I am wilder than most, and I am completely comfortable with that. I also understand that most people have limits and boundaries, but that’s why they invented lube! My sexual proclivities aren’t for the weak at heart, nor for all of the sad little pussy boy’s out there. I’m here for those serious sex freaks! The ones who can’t or don’t talk to anyone about their seriously twisted sexual desires. The ones who get off at knowing they are beyond perverse.

I love hearing my victims in pain. I love knowing I am forcing them to experience something they are afraid of.  The more they scream, the more excited I become. I know you feel that way to! You love hearing them suffer for you. You adore the way I help you torture them, satisfying your demented lust. There isn’t a sexual scenario or fantasy to maniacal to turn me away. I’m game if you are! Call me with your most deranged role play and lets see just how far we can take it on an insane phone sex call.

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A princess for Daddy

teen phone sexI am such a princess with my Daddy! I would do anything for him. I am so young that I don’t know much about sex. So when my Daddy came into my room and slid into my bed and put his arm around me, I didn’t know what to do.

My Daddy told me that was ok, he would teach me what I needed to know. So Daddy started kissing me and putting his hand in between my legs. He started rubbing on my little cunny and making it moist. I asked him if it was ok that my cunny was wet and he said that was good, it was suppose to be that way. Then Daddy pulled his man meat out and told me to put my mouth around it. So I did and wow it felt and tasted so good! I loved sucking on my Daddy’s man meat! I couldn’t wait to get his man meat inside my young virgin pussy!

Daddy asked if I was ready and I said yes, Daddy I want you! So he gently laid me on my back, ran his fingers in my hair, kissed me and slid his large man meat into my virgin cunny! It hurt at first but then once he was inside of me, it felt different, like all tingly. Have you ever wanted to be the one to have Virgin phone sex with your daughter? I guess you could like Age play phone sex too! Anything you want I am game, I have no limits so we can do anything together!

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Make me into your nasty whore

nasty whore phone sexI love being a Nasty phone sex woman! I want you to make me into your nasty whore and use me as you want.

The other day “C” called and wanted to use me for his humiliation pleasure. He told me that I was going to be paraded in front of all of his friends with some purple, way to big, granny panties. So after they all got done laughing at me, they were then told they could use me for anything they wanted.

They pulled off my ugly purple granny panties and started playing with my pussy. They turned me over on my back and they all started jerking off. Some of them put their cocks in my mouth and pussy and others just stroked over my body. You stood by and watched jerking your cock. You watched as those guys jerked there cocks over me until they came. Now you are my Nasty Fucking Cum Slut Whore!

In the mood for a little Nasty phone sex? Just call this nasty, cum dumpster, whore up and let’s have some fun!

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Cum have a Bisexual affair with me

Bisexual phone sexYou knew what kind of woman I was the moment you met me, didn’t you?  You knew I had a special surprise down below my made up face and perfect titties.

So when I took you to my place your cock was hard with anticipation of this  Bisexual phone sex affair we are about to have!  There we were in my place kissing, I could feel the bulge of your cock pressing against mine.  I was so hard in anticipation of popping your man pussy cherry!

You started disrobing me and when you got to my panties and took them off, you got so excited to see my pretty hard prick that you immediately latched on and started sucking on it.  For never doing this before I do have to say you are a really good cocksucker!

I had you disrobe knowing that you have never had your cock touched by a woman like me.  I got down on the floor in front of you and slid your virgin cock into my mouth.  I started sucking on your cock and your cock tasted so good in my mouth!  You told me you have never had someone suck your cock as good as m

I tell you to lay down on your back on the bed.  I slip up between your legs and start licking you man pussy. I spit on it to get your hole nice and lubed.  Then it was time, time for you to lose your man pussy virginity.  I press the head of my cock into your opening and push it in.  I started sliding my hard cock into your man pussy.  I could tell you were enjoying it because your cock kept getting harder.  I started stroking your cock as I was fucking your man pussy harder and harder.

I felt my cock swell up with excitement and your cock was so hard from the pounding you are getting.  There was so much precum dripping off of your cock, I knew you were about to explode!  I have to admit,  I couldn’t wait to feel your hot cum dripping off of my hands and fingers.  I could feel my cock twitching and my balls getting tight, I couldn’t wait for us to cum together.  You begged me to cum in your man pussy, you said you couldn’t wait to feel that hot load releasing into your man pussy. So I pounded on you a little harder until you and I exploded together!

Do you ever fantasize about being with a Shemale?  Ever feel like some first time Bisexual phone sex?  Let this Tranny take you to the deepest, darkest side of your psyche.

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Raunchy Sex With Trailer Park Tawnee

Blowjobs Phone SexLet me tell you in case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a multi-purpose fucking & sucking slut with one thing on my mind * RAUNCHY SEX * and a lot of it! I can make you be a filthy whore and then turn around and give you therapy for the nasty thing you just did. I love having sex with men of any age but am particularly turned on thinking about fucking and sucking my Brothers friends. One weekend my Brother had his best friend over for a sleepover but he had to leave early the next morning for baseball practice. When his friend woke up and got into the shower, I climbed in with him and started jacking his cock. He didn’t stop me so I knew it was on. I was soon on my knees sucking his cock in the shower and then we sucked and fucked each other for the rest of the day. The next time my Brothers best friend came over, I was the only one at the pool at our trailer park. It didn’t take much to get him to eat my pussy by the side of the pool. Now all I can think about is seducing young men and even their fathers.

I’m a nasty cum slurping MILF with a serious cock sucking phone sex fetish and I want young hard cock in my ass by the end of breakfast, cum on my face by lunch, and my pussy licked for dessert! After all, young guys have to eat three square meals a day don’t they? I will have a protein fix from all that hot sticky cum that they shoot in my mouth. I can’t help thinking about fucking their fathers too. Cum on over to the trailer park for some poolside fun of your own!

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All chips in

I talk to some nasty phone fucks type of guys. First of all, by reason of my obesity alone I attract and welcome the guys who have no shame–and G has no shame. We were talkin’ the other night and I was telling him about the time I fucked this black guy who was takin’ care of me when I was in the hospital–he was an orderly. He’d come in to give me a sponge bath and he just couldn’t help but go down and eat what he called my sexy, stinky pussy. He said he especially enjoyed the gelatinous pussy goo that was exuding from my hole. Sometimes, if there was anything left of my dinner he’d dip a chip or something into that and eat it and then lean in for a fat girl phone sex kiss.

And yes this is a true story–but back to G. G is a nasty phone sex fucking who enjoy a little bbw fat back and so he told me he wanted a pair of my Truda tamed panties. I sent ‘em. Fuck. He told me that my chip dip was the best bbw phone sex cunt cum he’d ever had. That’s when I told him that it wasn’t just cunt cum–I’d had a double header the night I packed them up so there were 4 balls worth cum in the crotch.



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Anal prostitution phone sex–that’s my hot button today!

As any gentleman would you drifted off to a dead sleep after forcing your semen into the cunt that you paid for. I laid there, watching you sleep. You breaths coming in a relaxed cadence that made me feel rewarded for a job well done.

I had always taken my job seriously–and I do mean my prostitution job. I always prided myself in giving the client exactly what he was paying me for. I never hesitated to use condoms though–but with you this was different.

Your seed pooled around the opening of my vagina. I reached down and slid my long, slender fingers into my cunt. I watched you sleep. I pushed some of your amoral seed up my asshole. I finger fucked myself, I came on my fingers. I realized in that moment I was very fucking horny. Even though I wanted to fuck you, I knew that I would be fucked harder, better, longer and faster if I made you pay for it. So I slipped out of the bed, and took a shower–cleaning myself up with your wife’s body wash and shampoo.

I slipped into her closet and thumbed through her expensive things. I had to dig deep but it was there–as if she KNEW you. An outfit befitting a woman like me. An outfit befitting anal prostitute phone sex. Continue reading

I was the entertainment on my camping trip


Orgy Phone Sex

Just got back from a camping trip with four of my best buds. We went camping up at the lake and it was freezing. After a day of fishing we went back to the tent and had a fantastic fish fry. As nighttime came around it was weird, it was me and four of my best guy friends, my girlfriend backed out at the last minute. We sat around the bon fire telling ghost stories and drinking beer until about 2 am when the talk changed to sex talk like it always does. To make a long story short, we all ended up going in the tent and having a orgy. The guys all undressed me before undressing themselves. I laid down on my sleeping bag and soon had a dick in my mouth. Being the dick sucker that I am, I wrapped my lips around it and went to town.

I could see the other guys standing and jerking and said bring them dicks here. Taking one in each hand and stroking them, soon felt a dick in my pussy that was soaked by then. Those guys made a Cum Dumpster out of me! I had Cum from one ear to the other and my young titties were covered in white. My pussy was dripping with their cum as well as mine. We had so much fun camping and fucking that we’re ready to plan another trip and not invite my girlfriend.

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