CBT Phone Sex Is Even Better With 2 Devious Minds

CBT Phone SexListening to the sexy sounds of Krista’s voice during our 2 girl CBT Phone Sex call was so hot and fun. Especially when I could also hear “J”s whimpers in the background as he did exactly what we ordered him to do. He had all sorts of goodies ready for us to use on him, like clothes pins, elastic bands, ice cubes, and even some hot tea. He was right to assume that Krista and I have Two Devious Minds Phone Sex and when you put the two of us together there is no telling what her and I will come up with. Our mischievous giggles and tantalizing voices are only a part of what makes a two girl phone sex call with us absolutely delicious. It was so entertaining to see his balls tied up and separated, watch him place those clothespins on the shaft of his cock, and we even made him shoot his load into that glass of tea and sip it down. You know her and I love to watch and we love to tease each other too. When she sees me pull my thin little panties to the side showing her my pussy and I see the look in her eye that it’s turning her on, I get so horny. Her hard pink nipples fit perfectly in my mouth and there are so many naughty things I can see the two of us getting into to. Do you have a dirty role play you’d like to experience with two young horny chicks like us? Give us a call and enjoy the ride, oh by the way, we really enjoy CBT if you can’t tell already, there your balls but its our pleasure to harm them!


Jojo 877-936-1908


This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Jojo.
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Next level phone sex

phone sex experienceEvery wonder what sets one phone sex girl apart from another?  What makes me different than the MILF next to me in the gallery?  What makes me worthy of your time and money?  We can start with the endless trove of pictures I have to lavish upon you between calls.  We can continue with the fact that I enjoy getting to know your personal needs–because there is no such thing as cookie cutter phone sex.  I invest the time in your emails to learn about what gets your cock off the hardest.  I am grateful that you choose me.

I make myself available consistently–a common complaint I hear from new callers is that the girl they love is never available–well I have a schedule.  Email me and I’ll send it to you.  I am also great about spreading free phone sex love from time to time–but I save those specials for boys who share their email with me.

Do you want a phone sex experience that goes above and beyond protocol?  Then choose me and I promise not to disappoint.  If I am not available–any of my lady partners in sin are more than happy to take your phone sex experience to the next level!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Jana.
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Two are better than One Phone Sex

Two are better than One Phone SexI know you want one young pussy but why not try two?  Me and my bestee JoJo have been having so much fun playing with you guys on the phone!  I know I love licking her juicy pussy for you and sharing your cock together!  So you know Two are better than One Phone Sex!

There are so many avenues of fun we could do.  I can pull out my strap on and fuck her with it or better yet, maybe it is for you!  Would you like to be dominated by two young girls like us?  Let us tease you and deny your cum and keep edging you until you are begging us to release!  Maybe you are a sissy and both of us can take turns dressing you up like a pretty little sissy and we can invite some company over to watch.

You see there are so many ways we can play together!  So why don’t you try Two are better than One Phone Sex with us and see what we can cum up with!  Of course one-on-one sessions can be done too, just call me Krista at my # or JoJo at her #!  We are also having a special, pay for 15 min and get 5 min free throughout the month of September!

Krista 877-802-8620


This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Krista.
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Butt fucking phone sex

butt fuck phone sexI love hung cocks in my can.  Yes I do.  They penetrate me with the heat of a hot poker and push up against the base of my throbbing cunt.  I can’t really explain how much I love ass play.  I bring toys on board though–different sizes all for us to explore the wonderful sensations that cum with butt fuck phone sex.

butt fucking phone sexOnce we get me open I can be anything you want.  Yes, Candi’s Can, Can!  I mix it up with lust and make that ass taste good.  And for one of those nasty fucks who want my tongue up his ass?  Well Candi does that too–it’s all about the ass and all about getting off.  Don’t hesitate to ask me if I can–because I fucking will!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Candi.
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Wild 2-Girl Call

Wild 2-Girl CallI bet you like to watch Two Hot Girls Phone Sex making out together while you just sit and stroke that big hard cock? Strap-on fun, is better when you have two horny girls relentlessly using you. Sissies wouldn’t you enjoy having Two Girls Phone Sex making you over, girl talking while we dress you up and then decide what to do with our newest project? All you Daddy’s, I know you would love to have me and my best friend Krista play your naughty games with you, or maybe have Mommy catch us and join in? See there are so many more possibilities when you add another girl into the mix. So treat yourself, you work hard and deserve to spoil yourself once in a while? Krista and myself want to offer a 2 girl call of 15 minuets for $37.50 each and receive 5 minuets more of our sexy loving for free for the remainder of the month of September. Just another way for us to help make this the wildest year yet! Don’t wait to call guys, Krista is already stripping my clothes off!

Jojo 877-936-1908


This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Jojo.
for Nasty Phone Fucks like You. Call Jojo at 1-877-936-1908
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HOT 2 Girl Call Phone Sex

HOT Threesome Phone SexI have to tell you about the HOT Threesome Phone Sex call we had the other night.  JoJo was in just a little tank top with no bra and a pair of booty shorts, I had on a little sheer nighty and a pair of black lacy thongs.  The phone rang and JoJo picked it up and there was this hot guy on the other end of the line.

Well I picked up the other phone so I could talk to him too.  He was so excited to have a 2 girl Phone Sex Call that he couldn’t wait for us to get undressed and start playing with each other.  JoJo took off my nighty and my panties and I took off her tank top and booty shorts.  We started kissing and him hearing our lips pressed together giving each other a big kiss was enough to make him start stroking his cock.

Well that turned us on because not only do we play with each other but we do like to add a dick that we can share into the mix.  So this hot guy knew how to please two women at once and he loved when we shared licking his dick.  He got so excited that he started fucking JoJo really hard and she was licking my pussy at the same time.  Man with every thrust he did to her the deeper her face got into my pussy and it just made me cum and cum.  JoJo came too along with the guy so I got under her and licked that Cream pie Phone Sex juice out of her pussy!

So if you are in the mood for some kinky 2 girl call Phone Sex or you are just into some one-on-one with JoJo or me Krista then call us on our #’s baby!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Krista.
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Looking For Some Big Dick To Share

Threesome Phone Sex sessionSo last night Krista and I we were just hanging out watching some TV when the phone rang. We are always up for a Threesome Phone Sex session, especially when we are just looking for something naughty like a big dick to share! Krista was just wearing a black skimpy night and I had on a cute little t-shirt with no bra of course and a pair of black booty shorts. I picked up the phone and it was this hot guy from Hawaii. Let me just tell you that he knew exactly how to take care of two girls at once! Tonight this Two Girl Phone Sex call was hotter than hot! We kissed and stuff at first, which really seemed to turn him on, hearing the two of us kissing on his lips and neck. It’s not like we are shy or anything, but just the opposite. To get on with it, I slid off Krista’s nighty and pulled down those little panties that matched. Her pussy was so sweet, just freshly shaven and it tasted to so sweet when I put my tongue up in there. I fingered her clit until it was so hard just aching to be licked. I spread her legs apart and buried my face in that pretty little pussy. She moaned lightly at first, then got louder and louder as my tongue had its way with her adorable, juicy cunt. K was talking dirty to her while I licked her pussy, which totally made her cum all over my face. He ended up fucking her hard from behind while she got between my legs and licked my pussy just so good like she always does, she knows just the right spots to lick to make me squirt. It was driving me so wild, watching him fuck that pussy so hard while she was eating me. Every time he thrust in her deeper, it pressed her face up against my cunt even harder, which was really fucking-hot. Just had to update you about our naughty night. We can’t wait to play with him again. Playing with each other is hot, but it’s even more fun when you throw a dick up in the mix!

Dial either Kirsta or me JoJo up for 2 Girl Phone Sex or just One One One with me!

Jojo 877-936-1908


This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Jojo.
for Nasty Phone Fucks like You. Call Jojo at 1-877-936-1908
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Phone Sex Mistress Sabrina

Phone Sex Mistress SabrinaTinamarie lives a lie. You see, for the past several months she has discarded the naughty truth about herself–that she really wants to leave behind her life as an inadequate man and transform into what she really is–a fucking panty fetish phone sex sissy. She has tried for months to abandon the practices that make her what she really is–the wearing of pretty panties and dreaming of being a piss drinking, tampon wearing fuck toy just like her phone sex Mistress Sabrina.

Now that Phone sex Mistress Sabrina has resurfaced in your life you know that you must surely be punished for being such a bad little girl, Tinamarie! Mistress Sabrina will need to make sure that you have reminders in place so that you will never forget your need to be dressed, fucked and exhibited over and over. You will get on your knees, lick the phone as if it is my pussy–and then you will drink the golden fucking nectar that will begin the process of transformation again. You will ingest your Mistress’ juice as you leak into those panties all plugged up with the icy hot coated tampon and apologize for your lack of results–your lack of due diligence. You must begin again–have hot panty fetish phone sex with a strict, yet understanding Mistress.

Sabrina 877-900-4352


This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Sabrina.
for Nasty Phone Fucks like You. Call Sabrina at 1-877-900-4352
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Lets start making babies phone sex

Making babies phone sexYou’ve got a surprise for me don’t you, lover. You’ve decided that tonight without prior discussion-we will ditch the rubber. You promise you’ll pull out and so we start. You’re such a delicious lover. You know how to suck me and fondle me in all the right places. Your breath in my ear telling me how sexy I am is intoxicating. My nipples are rock hard not to mention my soaking wet cunt. I am just all a mess and ready for your cock as you finish up eating my sweet slit. I am literally begging you to fuck me.

You slide your gorgeous member into my receptive hole and start moving in and out long, firm strokes. Just the way I love it. I feel the orgasm coming and apparently you do too as you stop just inside of my climax. “I don’t want to pull out.” You lift my legs and tilt my pelvis up. “I’m not going to pull out.” My eyes widen as I am lost in your thrusts. Stopping, starting all clouding my judgement and leaving me no real choice but to engage in your making babies phone sex plan. You insist upon the pillow under my ass to ensure that filling you inject stays inside and does its natural purpose.

Tara 1-888-514-5795

This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Tara.
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Cum Play with me and my HOT girlfriend JoJo

Lesbian Phone SexI just love to add some kink into the mix and love to bring a cock in the mix of me and JoJo.  We love sharing cock and do it quite often.  What the hell we are young, right?

We throw parties a lot and invite lots of guys over to our place.  This is the perfect opportunity for us to find a guy that will play with us.  We love to show off and strip down in front of him then rub our titties together while we kiss each other.  We both just love cock so much that we will pull his cock out and do Blowjob phone sex and share it slurping and kissing each other on the head of it.  The guys go nuts over that which turns us on even more!  Then the guy gets to share our pussy’s, what a treat, right?  Then he gets an extra special treat watching us doing Lesbian Phone Sex mmmm JoJo knows how to lick my pussy just right, anyways the guy would be jerking off and we would be fighting over who gets to taste that yummy cum!

So call us up for some Kinky Phone Sex or you could just do a one-on-one call with one of us, I guarantee either way you go you will get the best PHONE FUCK ever!