Nasty anal phone sex

anal phone sexNo matter what fantasy we indulge when a man asks if I am into anal I immediately get soaking wet.  There is something about anal phone sex that just drives me over the edge and turns me into a lascivious fucking slut.  The man men that I talk to enjoy a variety of fantasy but nearly all of them have a thought or two about ripping my delicious ass open like the rare fruit that it is.

nasty phone sexWhose ass is it that you’re craving?  How about that slinky, slutty sister in law? Do you dream of stretching her ass?  How about that out of reach sexy office worker who distracts you from your very important work?  Want to implode her o-ring?  In whatever context, no matter who you are I’m always down for some tight, nasty anal phone sex.

Check out our phone sex chat room boys.  I’ll be in there randomly so be sure to cum in and check to see if you can steal a few minutes to set up your call with me!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Nikki.
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Prostate phone sex

Prostate phone sexI just love being the nurse for your prostate phone sex exam, it’s always so much fun to watch this be performed. I just played it the other day with a regular caller of mine, we played naughty nurse and patient. He had to bend over and cough, he’s that kind of patient too. He laid down on the table, which was a massage table. I greased up my finger with some lube and began the anal probe for his pleasure spot. I didn’t wear Latex gloves like Web MD suggested, you know me I never go by the rules.

I wanted to feel his sphincter tightening around my finger. I also wanted to feel his prostate when I did find it. I worked my finger in and out of his tight ass at different angels until I found it. How did I know I found it? His dick stood straight at attention and I was not even touching his cock, it was all done from the inside, like I hit a special naughty phone sex nursebutton, well in a way I did. Precum was oozing out of his cock like a volcano, at first I thought he was cumming. I couldn’t let that precum go to waste, so I lowered my mouth on his cock to slurp it up. Of course my finger was still manipulating his prostate. It’s the size of a pea but gives a really powerful orgasm because it felt like he blew a hole in the back of my head with the jet force of cum he spewed. I did my best to swallow it all, some did get away from me and dribble down my chin. His balls were as soft as they have ever been. He said he had never been drained so completely, and never experienced such a hard orgasm before. I think I like being a naughty phone sex nurse. So, who wants a phone sex prostate exam?

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Ginger.
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Humiliation phone sex

humiliation phone sexI kneel and look up.  I’ve sinned against my husband.  Lustful thoughts.  Lustful intentions fill my heart.  The punishment is to be humiliating.  I see the hooded figures jacking off in front of me.  Pulling at their horse sized cocks as I am chastised for my latest debauch–self phone sex pleasure at the expense of my best friend’s husband.

For we are all prone to sin are we not?  But there is a nugget of pleasure in being caught in the act isn’t there?  The feelings of exposure release their own perverted pleasure.  We crave humiliations to satisfy ourselves in a way that no flesh on flesh sexual encounter can.  Fantasy phone sex is that way.  We can build any fantasy really.  The above is but an example of my desire to be punished with facial phone sex.  What’s your desire?  What sort of humiliation piques your erection at night?  What sort of things to do you crave that you cannot tell anyone else about?

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Grace.
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Cock Sucking Phone Sex With Chubby London

Cock Sucking Phone SexYou work hard for your money don’t you? I bet you would love to come home from a hard day’s work to some nice BBW Cock Sucking Phone Sex?  I know that boss of yours is a real asshole to you guys at the office. Why don’t you kick back in the recliner and let me make you feel good? Take down those pants, open your computer and search for BBW’s and my page will pop up, take a few minuets to read my profile, scroll over my photos and read a few of my blogs, after looking at my sexy large body, and huge tits close your eyes and relax as you fantasize about London. The scent of my sweet perfume as I approach you. Feeling my hands on your thighs as I get on my knees in front of you. My sensual sexy voice telling you to just let your mind go as I make you stress free even for a few moments with some great Cock Sucking Phone Sex. Feel my hands as I begin stroking your cock. Run my tongue all around the head, flicking across that pee hole. Now taking all of your head, but just your head in my mouth as I begin sucking on it while still working my tongue all around the head in a spiral motion.

I will be just like the calgon commercial and take you away, I take you away to a place where nothing or no one exists except for me and you and my warm sensuous mouth. Working my way down your shaft, licking it back and forth and up and down getting it nice and wet. Oh boy is that precum I taste? You’re so hard and throbbing in my mouth, I don’t need my hands at all. Slowly I ease all the way down that rock hard cock, opening my throat until you are fully inside my warm mouth. I swallow several times feeling just like pussy muscles contracting on your hard cock. Yes, Chubby Girl Cock Sucking Phone Sex with London is exactly what you needed to relieve all that stress. Shoot it right down my throat baby and feel the relief.

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by London.
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Daddy Phone Sex

Daddy Phone SexHey Daddy! I want to play a game with you. I know you love wearing mommy’s lingerie when she is away and don’t pretend you don’t know what I am talking about, I have seen you walking around in the teddies.

I think daddy phone sex will give you more sex that you need. I feel you need to feel more like a woman. Halloween is coming and there are many slutty princess costumes out there, ones with little tutu skirts and ones that will accent your soon to be tits. I would do our makeup and hair so you would be so believable as a woman!

I can’t wait to watch you bend over with your ass up in the air, skirt sliding up so I can see those cute little ruffled panties. The best part Daddy’s girl phone sex is that you do look so good as a woman, I bet no one will even notice. I know you like to make me happy, right? Well making you a sissy whore makes me happy!

I do know some boys we could have over, sexy young teen studs with cocks bigger than yours. I will tell them you are my cousin and when they are ready, just bend over and take those cocks. They will fill your holes up with so much cum.

Tit fuck phone sex

tit fuck phone sexThe hottest calls are not always the longest calls.  I personally love it when a guy calls me up and is so enamored with my tits that he strips down and picks up the phone, dick in hand and in order for me to alleviate his pain. Sure these guys are at best 10-minute wonders, but they definitely tickle my pink in all the right ways! My  all natural, large lady lumps are yours for the fucking boys.  We can do our titty fucking phone sex with fantasy or without.  So choose from my titty fucking phone sex menu and let’s lube up for some cock draining fun.

The slow and sensual guided tit fuck fantasy experience:  Yes, I’m your girl.  On the phone with my best friend and you’re horny?  You are gonna jerk off, but I press my fingers to my lips as I whip out the lube and these gorgeous tits from my shirt for a little private tit fuck action.  Close your eyes, unzip and let my soft, sensual voice put you there!

Tit fuck porn watching:  Send me your email address and I’ll send you the clips that I enjoy the most.  We can watch them together and marvel at how some of the hottest women drain dick with nothing but their cleavage.

We can add, subtract multiply–point being if you’re looking for titty fucking phone sex you’ve found an all natural, blonde babe who is into it.  You can even cum on my face baby!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Jana.
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Bigger is better phone sex

Bigger is better phone sexEmbrace the idea that in phone sex bigger is better.  Bigger is wetter.  Think about all the folds that will inundate your senses with the smells of a large woman.  Think about sliding your dick into multiple areas and full on body fucking the shit out of your phone sex lover.  Think about how a 52″ wide ass will feel smothering your fucking ass craving face.  Think about how choking on copious juices that flow from the holes that the big boys use to get their cocks off.

Phone sex with me is a huge experience.  It’s bigger than my 52″ ass full of big black cock cum as my favorite toy sucks and tongue fucks it clean before I fuck his ass with a swollen chubby girl finger.  That’s right–he thinks big.  And he cums big.  You can too.  When it cums to phone sex you need to live large and phone fuck the amazing, juicy Truda!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Truda.
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Next level phone sex

phone sex experienceEvery wonder what sets one phone sex girl apart from another?  What makes me different than the MILF next to me in the gallery?  What makes me worthy of your time and money?  We can start with the endless trove of pictures I have to lavish upon you between calls.  We can continue with the fact that I enjoy getting to know your personal needs–because there is no such thing as cookie cutter phone sex.  I invest the time in your emails to learn about what gets your cock off the hardest.  I am grateful that you choose me.

I make myself available consistently–a common complaint I hear from new callers is that the girl they love is never available–well I have a schedule.  Email me and I’ll send it to you.  I am also great about spreading free phone sex love from time to time–but I save those specials for boys who share their email with me.

Do you want a phone sex experience that goes above and beyond protocol?  Then choose me and I promise not to disappoint.  If I am not available–any of my lady partners in sin are more than happy to take your phone sex experience to the next level!

Jana 1-877-678-6415


This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Jana.
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Butt fucking phone sex

butt fuck phone sexI love hung cocks in my can.  Yes I do.  They penetrate me with the heat of a hot poker and push up against the base of my throbbing cunt.  I can’t really explain how much I love ass play.  I bring toys on board though–different sizes all for us to explore the wonderful sensations that cum with butt fuck phone sex.

butt fucking phone sexOnce we get me open I can be anything you want.  Yes, Candi’s Can, Can!  I mix it up with lust and make that ass taste good.  And for one of those nasty fucks who want my tongue up his ass?  Well Candi does that too–it’s all about the ass and all about getting off.  Don’t hesitate to ask me if I can–because I fucking will!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Candi.
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Phone Sex Mistress Sabrina

Phone Sex Mistress SabrinaTinamarie lives a lie. You see, for the past several months she has discarded the naughty truth about herself–that she really wants to leave behind her life as an inadequate man and transform into what she really is–a fucking panty fetish phone sex sissy. She has tried for months to abandon the practices that make her what she really is–the wearing of pretty panties and dreaming of being a piss drinking, tampon wearing fuck toy just like her phone sex Mistress Sabrina.

Now that Phone sex Mistress Sabrina has resurfaced in your life you know that you must surely be punished for being such a bad little girl, Tinamarie! Mistress Sabrina will need to make sure that you have reminders in place so that you will never forget your need to be dressed, fucked and exhibited over and over. You will get on your knees, lick the phone as if it is my pussy–and then you will drink the golden fucking nectar that will begin the process of transformation again. You will ingest your Mistress’ juice as you leak into those panties all plugged up with the icy hot coated tampon and apologize for your lack of results–your lack of due diligence. You must begin again–have hot panty fetish phone sex with a strict, yet understanding Mistress.

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Sabrina.
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