Smelling my own shoe phone sex

Smelling my own shoe phone sexI’m always game for something new. I had never considered that the smell of my own toes would be such a turn on until I had a guy encourage me to give it a try. We started off by getting an old shoe and believe it or not when I stuck my nose in there I was curiously turned on. The more I smelled my own pheromones, the more turned on I got. I really had never considered l’eau de toes phone sex before kinda sounds fancier that way and all Frenched up.

I got so turned on though that I ended up going for the freshest scent. Being as flexible as I am I was able to get my toes to my nose while masturbating. My caller encouraged me along the way. This is why I’ve turned into the type who never says no to anything new. No matter how weird or strange you think you fetish is you can count on me to bring the money shot because I will try anything once. More than once if it works out as odor de toes phone sex did for me!

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Crush On Your Granny Turns Into HOT GILF Phone Sex

HOT GILF Phone SexEver since you were a young boy you have had a crush on your Granny and dreamed about shooting your young hot load into your Granny’s pussy! You were staying with her over the weekend and sneaked into her bedroom and grabbed her dirty panties out of her hamper. Your obsession with your Granny has turned into your desire for some GILF phone sex with your own Granny.

You take those dirty panties into your bedroom, smell and lick the crotch to get a taste of her juices. Then you slip those panties over your young hard cock and start masturbating. You thought you would be alone but instead your Granny came home early and caught you with her panties. You didn’t know you had been caught until you felt a hand wrap around your cock and then you look up and see your sexy Granny standing there.

OMG you are thinking, here is my Granny dressed all sexy in her slutty mini skirt, tight t-shirt and very high heels, in my bedroom with her hand wrapped around my cock! “Those are my dirty panties wrapped around your cock, right sweetie? They are huh? I bet you smelled and licked them didn’t you? Wow sweetie that is such a turn on! I had no idea I had a grandson with a kinky fetish!”

“I think you need some help from your Granny, sweetie.” You watch as your Granny pulls off her t-shirt and bra revealing those big ass titties you have been wanting to see. She leans down and puts them in your face and tells you to suck on her nipples. Oh man, you are thinking, I can’t believe this is happening! Next your Granny takes off her skirt and panties. “Oh sweetie I am so turned on by your young hard cock I am going to sit on it and ride you!” Wow, you are thinking, what a GILF phone sex dream cum true!

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Needing your phone sex healing

seductive phone sexI’m in some desperate need of sexual phone sex healing. I am craving a man who will take me over the edge–preferably multiple times as we engage in dirty talk together. I just love touching myself to the baritones of the male voice. I love it when my fingers become his tongue and my toy becomes his cock.

Do you think you have what it takes to make me crawl out of my skin with lust for you? Can you tease my folds with your voice and direct my hands as if you were with me in person? Do you have a role for me to play? One that I can embrace as tightly as my pussy would embrace your stiffening cock? Only time will tell if you can make me lose control of myself for you during seductive phone sex with Sabrina.

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Super Hot Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex

Super Hot Mutual Masturbation Phone SexI have to confess that just the other day I was in the utility room doing some ironing when the hornyness kicked in and I just had to take off my panties and lay down on the floor and start masturbation phone sex on my pussy! My husband was out of town again and we did not have sex the whole time he was at home so I was super horny! Not that it matters because he does not satisfy me anyways.

I could not wait for the phone to ring so I could have some super hot mutual masturbation phone sex with a hot guy like you! I will keep laying on the floor in the utility room rubbing my pussy for you while you masturbate your cock for me.

So give me a call for some super hot mutual masturbation phone sex. I am laying on the floor right now masturbating my pussy right now waiting on your super hot phone sex call!

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Nasty Daddy Has 3Sum Phone Sex With The Girls

dirty daughter phone sexHave you ever dreamed of having your Daddy dick sucked by two little incest hotties? Just think you can have your dick sucked and fucked by two of Daddy’s Daughters at

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The slightly embarrassing side of phone sex

Queefing Phone Sex“Mom, what’s a queef?” My young son asked. Most women would be so embarrassed by being asked such a question, but this is phone sex land and I am me. I am not embarrassed to answer such a question posed by

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