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My husband is unbelievably unsexy and boring. I swear, I only came if I finger fucked myself for years it seemed. I was married way too long and trapped in missionary position. ass mouthFuck me hard and raw baby! When we are fucking, use ALL my holes to please both of us! I am never shy about my back door being blown out! All the younger sluts think they are dirty if they do anal phone sex at all. Give me ass to mouth babe! I love the taste of my own ass so fucking much!

Use your dick to dip into my brown eye and the shove your cock down my throat! I want to lick the ass juice off your throbbing head! I am a no limits phone sex MILF who is on the prowl for some hot cock to bury in my stink hole! My cunt is juicy and my tight ass is twitching for some hot ass fucking! Can you oblige me? Can you shove your cock balls deep into my ass and then throw it in my mouth? Can I cover my lips with ass gloss? Call me and fuck me up the ass now!!! I am horny for anal!

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Craving a little shy girl phone sex?

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I might sound a little breathless when I answer I am so not tired. I am just really shy at first. I guess for me this phone sex thing is still new. That’s what most guys like about me when they call me. I am very soft and cuddly not only in body but in voice as well. I really get turned on when a guy tells me he understands why I need to do something like this for a living. That maybe, just maybe a chubby girl like me can totally be sexy and a great lay all at the same time!

I really love it that I get to play like other girls. I had a really super hot call today where I was the sister in law. All young, all shy and chubby. I got to really show this guy what I was made of. I mean what I don’t have in the bod department I definitely make up with my mouth. I also love rubbing a big cock against my chunky soft butt *blush. That made me very wet and a little embarrassed but once I sucked that 9″ we were all good to go.

If you’re craving a little shy girl phone sex then I’m definitely your girl. If you know anything about a true shy girl we have very creamy centers wrapped up in a very delicate, soft package. Try me and see!

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Nina for the naughty and curious phone fuck

curious phone fuckIt might have been totally accidental. You stop on a super hot video of a sexy, exotic looking woman sucking a dick like nobody’s business. This mouth knew all the right place to suck, lick and tongue. The hands were non stop. The balls were involved. She was looking up at the man with lust in her eyes and hungry sounds coming from her mouth. Then the camera pans down and you see her jerking 8″ of her own meat between her legs. You start to become curious, you’re not gay. But you definitely are curious about tranny phone sex and all the pleasures it brings.

Let me assure that the ONLY thing that separates me from a normal female phone sex operator are the parts I choose to keep–my lovely dick and balls are fine the way they are–but that’s where all things male end with me. I am beautiful, smooth, soft skinned and ready for you to take me to heaven like the woman I am. I just love satisfying the curious and turning them into loyal tranny phone sex connoisseurs!

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Sherry gets naughty slut phone sex from the bar

naughty little slut phone sexI’m going to dress up in my slutty best and go bar hopping with my girlfriends. Now, you know I’m barely 20 years old and don’t even have a fake id. I wonder who will let me in. I wonder what I’ll have to do to get past the burly man who cards everyone at the door. I bet you are you looking for naughty little slut phone sex aren’t you? I bet you have tons of ideas that you can practice with me on a call before I go out. We can talk about what I’ll wear and how I’ll talk.

We can talk about how I can persuade the big man at the door to let me into the bar. I do so love a good cock hunt with my friends and the bars are the best place to find the best cocks. Married cocks are my favorite. I also enjoy fucking the Dad’s of all the cheerleaders I used to go to school with. I enjoy fucking my own Dad who drinks with his co-workers every weekend. You might wonder why he doesn’t help me get into the bar. Maybe that Dad is you, on our naughty slut phone sex call you can catch me, spank me then fuck me over the bar stool to teach me all about a ‘real cock.’

As you can see I’m the real deal. Call this slut right now!

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AB/DL Phone Sex Gone Wild

AB/DL Phone SexOh Yes sweetie that is not milk in your bottle, it is cum! I’ve decided to feed you cum instead of breast milk or formula. My goal is to get you addicted to the cum in your bottle so all you will want to drink is cum! So in this AB/DL phone sex fantasy you will be my cum slut!

Being the phone sex g.i.l.f. I am, I will be on the look out for some young cock to produce for you, any volunteers? Well come on in I am taking applications and auditions *wink*! I figure I will have to have all kinds of men over at my house so I can suck them until they cum in the bottle.

So as a woman I am looking forward to making those cocks squirt their juice all day and all night! Perfect for my soon to be little AB/DL phone sex sluts!

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Virgin phone sex ass?

phone sex sugar daddyLet me walk you through how to penetrate yourself for the first time. I just love being in the position to get even when my phone sex sugar daddy tried to push his horny cock up my ass without warning. I was so mad at him that I employed the help of a friend fucking slut that he is. He bit on her bait right away and before long he was drugged and bound legs up on the bed. When his consciousness returned he was surprised by a blurry vision of three of me holding a nice big 12” strap on. He wanted to know immediately what I was going to do with it. I took my time teasing him and taunting him with my naughty toy.

In the end I helped him insert that massive butt pleaser right into his tight, virgin phone sex ass. Now, between me and you that is something very personal, hot and always cum provoking for this girl. I can’t get enough of ass fucking my sugar now. I can add you into the mix if you like? My sweet phone sex voice is enough to convince you that sticking things inside your ass is the right thing to do!

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Wanting Ass To Mouth Phone Sex?

virgin ass phone sexI was just thinking about going out and looking for that perfect Sissy Bitch, the virgin boy with the perfect round ass that I can’t resist. I just can’t resist a good ass to mouth phone sex call. When I got your phone sex call, you wanted your 18 year old virgin ass taken advantage of by Miss Stevie. My beautiful tits and smooth body all the way down to my smooth, always hard 8 inch cock makes you want to do things you only dreamed of. You wanted me to fulfill your ass rape fantasy over and over again. Pretending you don’t know about my goodies, you are caught off guard when you reach under my dress and find my throbbing man meat. I slap your hand away and push you back, you tell me you were just checking to make sure I was carrying.

I took out my hard meat stick and spit on your virgin ass. I held your hips tight and forced my cock halfway in on the first try. I took my throbbing dripping precum covered cock out of your ass. You wanted me to 69 you and I climbed up on top of your face. I suck harder and faster so you suck my lady cock harder and deeper with every hip thrust of mine. You cum before me, I hold some of your cum in my mouth and after I spill my load, I get up and spit your own cum I was saving into your mouth. You showed me that you really wanted it by swallowing every last drop during our kinky virgin ass phone sex call.

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Smelling my own shoe phone sex

Smelling my own shoe phone sexI’m always game for something new. I had never considered that the smell of my own toes would be such a turn on until I had a guy encourage me to give it a try. We started off by getting an old shoe and believe it or not when I stuck my nose in there I was curiously turned on. The more I smelled my own pheromones, the more turned on I got. I really had never considered l’eau de toes phone sex before kinda sounds fancier that way and all Frenched up.

I got so turned on though that I ended up going for the freshest scent. Being as flexible as I am I was able to get my toes to my nose while masturbating. My caller encouraged me along the way. This is why I’ve turned into the type who never says no to anything new. No matter how weird or strange you think you fetish is you can count on me to bring the money shot because I will try anything once. More than once if it works out as odor de toes phone sex did for me!

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Crush On Your Granny Turns Into HOT GILF Phone Sex

HOT GILF Phone SexEver since you were a young boy you have had a crush on your Granny and dreamed about shooting your young hot load into your Granny’s pussy! You were staying with her over the weekend and sneaked into her bedroom and grabbed her dirty panties out of her hamper. Your obsession with your Granny has turned into your desire for some GILF phone sex with your own Granny.

You take those dirty panties into your bedroom, smell and lick the crotch to get a taste of her juices. Then you slip those panties over your young hard cock and start masturbating. You thought you would be alone but instead your Granny came home early and caught you with her panties. You didn’t know you had been caught until you felt a hand wrap around your cock and then you look up and see your sexy Granny standing there.

OMG you are thinking, here is my Granny dressed all sexy in her slutty mini skirt, tight t-shirt and very high heels, in my bedroom with her hand wrapped around my cock! “Those are my dirty panties wrapped around your cock, right sweetie? They are huh? I bet you smelled and licked them didn’t you? Wow sweetie that is such a turn on! I had no idea I had a grandson with a kinky fetish!”

“I think you need some help from your Granny, sweetie.” You watch as your Granny pulls off her t-shirt and bra revealing those big ass titties you have been wanting to see. She leans down and puts them in your face and tells you to suck on her nipples. Oh man, you are thinking, I can’t believe this is happening! Next your Granny takes off her skirt and panties. “Oh sweetie I am so turned on by your young hard cock I am going to sit on it and ride you!” Wow, you are thinking, what a GILF phone sex dream cum true!

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Needing your phone sex healing

seductive phone sexI’m in some desperate need of sexual phone sex healing. I am craving a man who will take me over the edge–preferably multiple times as we engage in dirty talk together. I just love touching myself to the baritones of the male voice. I love it when my fingers become his tongue and my toy becomes his cock.

Do you think you have what it takes to make me crawl out of my skin with lust for you? Can you tease my folds with your voice and direct my hands as if you were with me in person? Do you have a role for me to play? One that I can embrace as tightly as my pussy would embrace your stiffening cock? Only time will tell if you can make me lose control of myself for you during seductive phone sex with Sabrina.

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