CBT Phone Sex

CBT Phone SexHave the need for some CBT phone sex? You know you deserve it, don’t you? You have been a naughty phone sex boy and touching your pathetic little dick without My permission! You know better than that oh pathetic one.

Now it is time for your torture. You will get naked in front of Me and drop to your knees. You will lay on your back on the hard cement ground and spread your legs. Don’t let that pathetic dick get hard either. I am going to use a nylon rope to tie your balls up with and I am going to tie them to your small pathetic dick. Then I am going to put clothes pins up and down the little shaft of your dick. But that is not enough for Me I have to step on your dick with My 6″ platform high heel boots and dig them in!

Do you see what you get for misbehaving and masturbating without My permission? You get to experience some CBT phone sex from Me and you WILL enjoy it!

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Hardcore phone sex with hot neighbor

hardcore phone sexSchool stress? I happen to know a lot of boys like you. They are stressed out around finals time and in desperate need of relief. Women my age know that the best relief comes from no holes barred and hardcore phone sex fucking. I’m the seductive, hot neighbor lady who runs around naked under a red satin robe all day offering tits, mouth, ass and pussy to the student body who desperately need some relief. I am good at it and get well paid for my services.

A came over today and I gave him a dose of what he cant’ get from those uptight college girls. I nice penetrating fuck of my tit pussy was the warm up. I added in a bit of my mouth and some deep throat. That always makes the young balls swell and cock head fill with blood. Then it’s on to the actual stress relieving portion. Up on all fours, vulnerable and exposed just like that ass-up porn star A spreads out his virgin ass crack. I lick ball seam to brown eye and back down while I milk the stress out of his young, horny cock.

As A can tell you, I’m the person to relieve your stress. Call me up for naughty neighbor Nikki phone sex and let’s play!

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Jessee Loves Family Fun Phone Sex With Uncle

family fun phone sexI just got off a nasty, kinky Uncle/Niece phone sex call and it reminded me of when I stayed at my Uncles house to house sit for him when I was in Jr. high. He had told me go ahead and do anything you want while I am away, use my pool, you can have a few friends over on a sat. night if you want but please Don’t go in my room or use my computer, I have important work stuff on my computer. A few days had gone by and I was so bored and was walking down the hall and said what the hell and went into his bedroom anyways. I know it was wrong and I turned on his computer and found a big surprise.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, my nasty Uncle had naughty videos of me in my cheerleader outfit at the games and when I was in his back yard practicing in front of him. To make it even worse, he had uploaded a home made video of himself jerking off while he was watching them on his tv. I never knew my uncle was such a pervert. I kept watching and it was making me horny watching him stroke his big dick while watching me and then when it got to the part where I turned my back towards him and backed up, he shot his load all over, I bet he was imagining I was backing up on his dick. His cock cream exploded all over his chest and belly.

The day my Uncle got home he was surprised to find me laying on his big bed. He said “what are you doing silly girl”, I confessed to him right then that I saw his jerk off video and l know that he was jerking off to me. I saw him start to figit around and then he ripped off all of his clothes and jumped up on the bed. We spent the rest of the day fucking like rabbits and the best part of it all was when he called out my name while he was cumming in my pussy. Are you ready for our family fun phone sex call?

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Get a bigger/better orgasm

ass fingering phone sexIt’s totally guy thing, but guys want bigger everything when it cums to having sex and fantasy phone fucking. They want bigger cocks to brag about using on my tight little pussy. They want bigger and better fantasies. That want plentiful and hard orgasms that only women who gets this desire for more. That woman is me hands down. I get it you want to cum harder. Do you trust my seductive phone sex abilities enough to build on each call? Will you set aside all you think you know and be ready to try something new?

The first time I rimmed a guy’s ass he came in 2 seconds. I took things rather slowly at first, kissing around the cheeks before pointing my tongue at his virgin asshole. At this point I can feel the nervous twitches of his rim and I started to slowly work my tongue inside. MMM, he opened up like a champ and his cum was shooting out of him like a geyser. Some of it landed on my forehead. It was a pleasant surprise. So boys, when you are looking for a bigger and better phone sex orgasm you can do what T did and let Candi tongue your backdoor. I will give you the rimming and ass fingering phone sex your dick desires even if it doesn’t know it yet!

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Trick or treat for daddy phone sex

daddy phone sexDaddy gave me a present and I cried with joy when I opened it.  You see, it was the Halloween costume I had really hoped he’d find me.  Exceedingly rare and expensive–this twist on Sailor Moon made me look like the hottest, sexiest girl ever.  My friends were jealous when I told them my Daddy bought me the costume.  I couldn’t believe it, but because I wanted to tell Daddy a proper thank you I decided that we would have trick or treat for daddy phone sex just the two of us.

So I put on the costume for Daddy, of course he wanted me to put it on for him the note said I had to wear it for him first!  I went out to the living room where I pouted out my trick or treat so innocently I think Daddy’s crotch nearly exploded right there.  Rubbing my little bubble butt on him in my short dress and thigh highs (no panties) did Daddy no favors either as he spanked my little ass and made it a little rosy red.  Of course I found that turning tricks for Daddy was totally worth the attention I got from my classmates with the costume.  Yummy times for a sweet little daughter like me!

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Bukkake Phone sex

Bukkake Phone sexI keep thinking that I might want to teach my step son another delightful indulgence when it comes to cock sucking phone sex. I supposed it is very intense when we get that dildo deep in your throat honey, but lately I’ve been dreaming of a “white Christmas” for you. That’s right. I imagine after a night of panty sniffing, dildo sucking and edging that I would present to you my idea of having a three cock bukkake phone sex festival in which you are the centerpiece. You see, you Step Mother really enjoys a face full of cum and since you’d like to be so much like me, I think you would too!

Bukkake phone sex with Faye leaves room for a lot of twists and turns. Call me up for fabulous kinky phone sex.

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Playful and whimsical phone sex

Playful and whimsical phone sexIt doesn’t matter what your reality is, if you’re British we American girls think you’re far to prim and proper to phone fuck.  We take delight in highlighting that fact while we tie you spread eagle to the bed–a couple of us going at the uptight Brit with a feather and a face full of playful naughty to edge that cock til you can’t take it anymore.  Let that ‘f’ word roll of your tongue naughty boy and we’ll stroke you some more.  There is something utterly irresistible about hearing a Brit talk this way–not to mention his love of tickle and edge fetish phone sex.  Believe it or not–this wasn’t my first rodeo with this fetish.

Interesting in learning something new for your phone sex?  Call me and let’s get your ears a dose of whimsy and playful laughter as we indulge that new curiosity!  MILF phone sex is better and wetter.

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Sisters hubby makes advances

cheating phone sexWhen you’re constantly being hit on like I am it’s often hard to pick up on the subtler cues that someone wants to fuck me.  Now, we’re an affection family and hugs are in plentiful supply, but the hug that my brother in law phone sex dishes out to me is more of a full contact hug.  I can nearly feel his heartbeat and I swear there are a few times that I’ve actual felt his hard on in his jeans.

After we had our normal get together this weekend, my sister excused herself early to the bedroom and I took an opportunity to test my theory on my brother in law.  I told him I thought his whole body hugs were the bomb and asked if I could have another, well as you can well imagine this ignited a spark that I had only suspected had been there for awhile.  While my sister slept in the other room I experienced the same dick that fucks her only in the best and most delicious of ways during cheating phone sex!

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Family Fun Phone Sex

Family Fun Phone SexIt’s always fun to have holiday family reunions.  Like I mentioned a couple of blogs ago I was looking forward to our family get together.  There were family members there that I only see once or twice a year so we had a lot of catching up to do *wink*.  Our holiday’s always mean family fun phone sex time!  We had our Thanksgiving lunch, which was delicious, then we wait a couple of hours to let our food digest.  We all gather in the living room, get undressed and have a HUGE family orgy!

It was so much fun having family phone sex, there were aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers and sisters that all got together for our kinky phone sex ritual! Now I can’t wait until Christmas for some more family fun phone sex!  First we feast on our turkey lunch and then get naked to open up our presents!  Once we have opened our presents we give thanks to each other with a nice family orgy!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Robin.
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