alice21I’m expecting T.N. tonight around seven. T.N. is tall, slender and has dark brown flowing hair. I have been seeing T.N. for the last several years now. You see T.N. is a big Breast worshiper, he cant get enough of my Breast. It all started a few years ago when I was in the spa for my usual massage and T.N. was my masseuse.

We got to talking and as he rubbed down my shoulders he started to tell me how he loved the feel of a Breast between his fingers and the way it just flowed with his hand as he glided his fingers along them. T.N. loves to just rub them down with oil and slowly move that puddle of oil across my chest. He loves the way it feels when he rubs his fingers over the big areola and the hard nipple. He will pull my nipples between his fingers and run his oiled hand under each Breast to cup it. T.N. will spend a good three hours working on my Breast. There is never any sucking of the Breast, only massaging it. We have never had sex, although I have offered. T. N. never has an orgasm, at least not at my place. Its just good, clean Breast play. Are you a Breast man? Could you control your penis while massaging a woman’s Breast? Call me for some clean, Breast Play Phone Sex.

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Alice.
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