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Ever Wanted To Be The Master On A Shemale Call?

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Here’s your chance to be my Master for a call, I will be your T-Woman phone sex slut for the night. Tell me what to call you during our time together. Do you feel like being called big Daddy, Continue reading

Meet Miss Stevie For Your Deflowering Ass Pussy Phone Sex

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My new lover was so scared of my cock at first. It was after finding out I was a T-Woman that he swallowed hard when seeing I was 8 inches that he almost ran off. It was time for Continue reading

Wanting Ass To Mouth Phone Sex?

virgin ass phone sexI was just thinking about going out and looking for that perfect Sissy Bitch, the virgin boy with the perfect round ass that I can’t resist. I just can’t resist a good ass to mouth phone sex call. When I got your phone sex call, you wanted your 18 year old virgin ass taken advantage of by Miss Stevie. My beautiful tits and smooth body all the way down to my smooth, always hard 8 inch cock makes you want to do things you only dreamed of. You wanted me to fulfill your ass rape fantasy over and over again. Pretending you don’t know about my goodies, you are caught off guard when you reach under my dress and find my throbbing man meat. I slap your hand away and push you back, you tell me you were just checking to make sure I was carrying.

I took out my hard meat stick and spit on your virgin ass. I held your hips tight and forced my cock halfway in on the first try. I took my throbbing dripping precum covered cock out of your ass. You wanted me to 69 you and I climbed up on top of your face. I suck harder and faster so you suck my lady cock harder and deeper with every hip thrust of mine. You cum before me, I hold some of your cum in my mouth and after I spill my load, I get up and spit your own cum I was saving into your mouth. You showed me that you really wanted it by swallowing every last drop during our kinky virgin ass phone sex call.

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