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Let me walk you through how to penetrate yourself for the first time. I just love being in the position to get even when my phone sex sugar daddy tried to push his horny cock up my ass without warning. I was so mad at him that I employed the help of a friend fucking slut that he is. He bit on her bait right away and before long he was drugged and bound legs up on the bed. When his consciousness returned he was surprised by a blurry vision of three of me holding a nice big 12” strap on. He wanted to know immediately what I was going to do with it. I took my time teasing him and taunting him with my naughty toy.

In the end I helped him insert that massive butt pleaser right into his tight, virgin phone sex ass. Now, between me and you that is something very personal, hot and always cum provoking for this girl. I can’t get enough of ass fucking my sugar now. I can add you into the mix if you like? My sweet phone sex voice is enough to convince you that sticking things inside your ass is the right thing to do!

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I’m in some desperate need of sexual phone sex healing. I am craving a man who will take me over the edge–preferably multiple times as we engage in dirty talk together. I just love touching myself to the baritones of the male voice. I love it when my fingers become his tongue and my toy becomes his cock.

Do you think you have what it takes to make me crawl out of my skin with lust for you? Can you tease my folds with your voice and direct my hands as if you were with me in person? Do you have a role for me to play? One that I can embrace as tightly as my pussy would embrace your stiffening cock? Only time will tell if you can make me lose control of myself for you during seductive phone sex with Sabrina.

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School stress? I happen to know a lot of boys like you. They are stressed out around finals time and in desperate need of relief. Women my age know that the best relief comes from no holes barred and hardcore phone sex fucking. I’m the seductive, hot neighbor lady who runs around naked under a red satin robe all day offering tits, mouth, ass and pussy to the student body who desperately need some relief. I am good at it and get well paid for my services.

A came over today and I gave him a dose of what he cant’ get from those uptight college girls. I nice penetrating fuck of my tit pussy was the warm up. I added in a bit of my mouth and some deep throat. That always makes the young balls swell and cock head fill with blood. Then it’s on to the actual stress relieving portion. Up on all fours, vulnerable and exposed just like that ass-up porn star A spreads out his virgin ass crack. I lick ball seam to brown eye and back down while I milk the stress out of his young, horny cock.

As A can tell you, I’m the person to relieve your stress. Call me up for naughty neighbor Nikki phone sex and let’s play!

Bukkake Phone sex

Bukkake Phone sexI keep thinking that I might want to teach my step son another delightful indulgence when it comes to cock sucking phone sex. I supposed it is very intense when we get that dildo deep in your throat honey, but lately I’ve been dreaming of a “white Christmas” for you. That’s right. I imagine after a night of panty sniffing, dildo sucking and edging that I would present to you my idea of having a three cock bukkake phone sex festival in which you are the centerpiece. You see, you Step Mother really enjoys a face full of cum and since you’d like to be so much like me, I think you would too!

Bukkake phone sex with Faye leaves room for a lot of twists and turns. Call me up for fabulous kinky phone sex.

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anal phone sexNo matter what fantasy we indulge when a man asks if I am into anal I immediately get soaking wet.  There is something about anal phone sex that just drives me over the edge and turns me into a lascivious fucking slut.  The man men that I talk to enjoy a variety of fantasy but nearly all of them have a thought or two about ripping my delicious ass open like the rare fruit that it is.

Whose ass is it that you’re craving?  How about that slinky, slutty sister in law? Do you dream of stretching her ass?  How about that out of reach sexy office worker who distracts you from your very important work?  Want to implode her o-ring?  In whatever context, no matter who you are I’m always down for some tight, nasty anal phone sex.

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Bigger is better phone sexEmbrace the idea that in phone sex bigger is better.  Bigger is wetter.  Think about all the folds that will inundate your senses with the smells of a large woman.  Think about sliding your dick into multiple areas and full on body fucking the shit out of your phone sex lover.  Think about how a 52″ wide ass will feel smothering your fucking ass craving face.  Think about how choking on copious juices that flow from the holes that the big boys use to get their cocks off.

Phone sex with me is a huge experience.  It’s bigger than my 52″ ass full of big black cock cum as my favorite toy sucks and tongue fucks it clean before I fuck his ass with a swollen chubby girl finger.  That’s right–he thinks big.  And he cums big.  You can too.  When it cums to phone sex you need to live large and phone fuck the amazing, juicy Truda!

Phone Sex Mistress Sabrina

Tinamarie lives a lie. You see, for the past several months she has discarded the naughty truth about herself–that she really wants to leave behind her life as an inadequate man and transform into what she really is–a fucking panty fetish phone sex sissy. She has tried for months to abandon the practices that make her what she really is–the wearing of pretty panties and dreaming of being a piss drinking, tampon wearing fuck toy just like her phone sex Mistress Sabrina.

Now that Phone sex Mistress Sabrina has resurfaced in your life you know that you must surely be punished for being such a bad little girl, Tinamarie! Mistress Sabrina will need to make sure that you have reminders in place so that you will never forget your need to be dressed, fucked and exhibited over and over. You will get on your knees, lick the phone as if it is my pussy–and then you will drink the golden fucking nectar that will begin the process of transformation again. You will ingest your Mistress’ juice as you leak into those panties all plugged up with the icy hot coated tampon and apologize for your lack of results–your lack of due diligence. You must begin again–have hot panty fetish phone sex with a strict, yet understanding Mistress.

Favorite phone sex role play

Many people do not know this but I started phone sex masturbating as the result of having a very sexually promiscuous mother. She would often walk around the house in robes and no panties having the audacity to play with her hairy cunt right in front of me and my brother. When my brother came of age he’d slip away to his room and masturbate. I’d see him through the window sometimes cupping a pair of Mom’s panties (I do not know if they are dirty or not) under his swollen cock. He’d cum in them. Then lay on his bed and play his Ninendo.

I’d always wanted to fuck my young brother and regretted that I didn’t take the plunge. It’s one of my hot phone sex fantasies that if asked, I love to share. Good thing my friend A called and we had a hot little brother’s cock phone sex call today. I got so horny when he described himself being a sleepy head and catching his older sister masturbating her horny pussy on the sofa. My pussy was leaking already as I sent him back to bed, tucking him as only the most horny incest phone sex sister would. Fucking hiding his young cork in my saturated pussy and making him ejaculate deep in my sister cunt is enough to drive us both over the edge. I can’t wait to see what we talk about next!