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Young Seductress Phone Sex

seductress phone sex



I love being a young pretty woman, I use my good looks to my advantage and make sure I get anything I want. I am a young seductress phone sex queen and I am not afraid to admit it. I was always a cheerleader in school, maybe that’s where I first started Continue reading

Let Seductive Jessee Be The Pawn For Pool Table Phone Sex

naughty games phone sexI should have known that you had some kind of deal up your sleeve when you called me for pool table phone sex. I would have never guessed I was the prize. You offered me up as your end of the deal because you wanted to watch me with your best friend, you Continue reading

JOI Phone Sex With Seductive Young Jessee

joi phone sex



I love how so many of you young guys, around my age like me to tell you how to jerk off, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as JOI until I started this work. I have learned so many new things so far and all of them good to know, makes me a better Continue reading

Jessee Gives Strap-On Punishment Phone Sex

strap-on punishment phone sex



My boyfriend is a nasty pervert and I always end up punishing him with my rubber dick. A few nights a week are spent with me giving him strap-on punishment phone sex. I think he does things to piss me off on purpose so he will get punished. A few Continue reading

Seductive Jessee Gives Fuck Puppet Phone Sex Lessons

strap on phone sex


The best thing about sissy’s is treating them like the little girls they wanna be. I love saving up all my frustration’s and taking them out on my little fuck puppet phone sex callers. You guys love being treated this Continue reading

Seductive Jessee Keeps It Cheap And Kinky For You

cheap phone sex



I fucking love being kinky and single, I have no one to answer to, no one to tell me what to do, and most of all I can fuck whom ever I want to! Maybe this is why I love our cheap kinky phone sex. I think $2.50 a minute is a great price, at least Continue reading

Jessee Loves Family Fun Phone Sex With Uncle

family fun phone sexI just got off a nasty, kinky Uncle/Niece phone sex call and it reminded me of when I stayed at my Uncles house to house sit for him when I was in Jr. high. He had told me go ahead and do anything you want while I am away, use my pool, you can have a few friends over on a sat. night if you want but please Don’t go in my room or use my computer, I have important work stuff on my computer. A few days had gone by and I was so bored and was walking down the hall and said what the hell and went into his bedroom anyways. I know it was wrong and I turned on his computer and found a big surprise.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, my nasty Uncle had naughty videos of me in my cheerleader outfit at the games and when I was in his back yard practicing in front of him. To make it even worse, he had uploaded a home made video of himself jerking off while he was watching them on his tv. I never knew my uncle was such a pervert. I kept watching and it was making me horny watching him stroke his big dick while watching me and then when it got to the part where I turned my back towards him and backed up, he shot his load all over, I bet he was imagining I was backing up on his dick. His cock cream exploded all over his chest and belly.

The day my Uncle got home he was surprised to find me laying on his big bed. He said “what are you doing silly girl”, I confessed to him right then that I saw his jerk off video and l know that he was jerking off to me. I saw him start to figit around and then he ripped off all of his clothes and jumped up on the bed. We spent the rest of the day fucking like rabbits and the best part of it all was when he called out my name while he was cumming in my pussy. Are you ready for our family fun phone sex call?

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