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Accomplice Age Play phone sex with Abbe

Abbe-Blog-e1429374738831Boy, I do LOVE this phone sex gig! Apparently I have a deviant side to me that I love to act out!! “S” and me made a plan to get this young girl to his place to have a little fun with! So we decided that I would go pick her up in my car. I told her I was a friend of her mother’s and she told me to pick you up.

She believed me and got into my car and we drove off. I got her to “S’s” place and took her in. He wanted me to change her into an all white outfit. One that is tight around her round ass and little white cotton panties.

We went into the basement and he told me to kiss her deeply while he pulled her panties to the side and slid his finger in her tight little hole.

He slid her panties off and laid her down and told me to spread her legs wide. Then he told me to put my mouth and tongue on her sweet little cunny and get her all wet for him. He sat there and stroked his cock getting it so hard for her little cunny! Then I moved out of the way and held her legs behind her head while he slid his cock into her tight little cunny. It turned me on so much to watch him slide his cock into our young specimen! Maybe you want to do a little AGE PLAY phone sex?  That is one of specialties and I LOVE it! Of course, I love all kinds of kinky role plays, so just hit me up on the phone and lets play!

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