Brother sisiterI was wearing a tank top, skinny jeans and a pink and white thong.  I was bent over looking under a car for my cell phone, my panties are sticking out.  You cum up behind me and ask if I need some help.  I raise my head up and it was my brother!

You were startled that it was me and told me “to be honest with you, you were looking so hot from behind, I didn’t realize my sister’s ass would look so good”!  As I raised up I could see you were starting to get hard.  I said I can see that you were liking what you were seeing.  I am liking what I am seeing too.  Is it bad that my Brother sister phone sex turns me on so much?

You ask if I need a ride home and I say yes. So you took me back to our parents place and we were all alone.  You told me how hot I was and you couldn’t believe you thought your sister was hot!  I said the same thing, that I thought you were hot and you turn me on!

So you grab me and deeply kiss me putting your hands on my ass.  You take off my tank top and start playing with my titties. Then you take off my skinny jeans and I bend over and slide down my thong, showing off my ass and pussy to you!  You lay me down on the couch and put your face between my legs.  Then you sit up and want me to ride you, so I slide on your cock and start grinding.  We both were saying how we can’t believe we are fucking our own brother/sister!

There is nothing like a little Brother sister phone sex to make your day!  Do you ever fantasize about fucking your hot sister?  Have you peeped in on your sister while she is showering or changing clothes?  Call me and let’s have some Brother sister phone sex!

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Emily.
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