Alices8I know you like a Granny once in a while. Let me be your Granny Alice. I Love to show off my titties and nice ass. Granny loves to rub that hard cock of yours in between them as I bend to take that fat head in my mouth. I am going to be 50 this month and I am still as over sexed as I was when I was 18. Im very nasty but I believe if you want something theres is only one way to get it and thats to go for it. Sure I love younger men, but basically I love any type of man. When I party I do it right! Thats right, Granny likes the fun things in life! A good drink and a great lay! Just last week my Grandson came for a visit. I dont see him often since he went to college but its always great when he stops by. I have a special relationship with him and his brother and always have. I give them lots of “LOVE” if you know what I mean. Ill never forget the first time. We found ourselves in front of the tv and Granny had her usual kahlua and cream and after a few drinks I saw one of the boys starring at my tits. I asked him if he would like to see them. Both boys jumped to their feet and I had never seen them so excited. When I pulled them out of my bra, both boys eyes were about to pop out of their heads! Then they asked if they could touch them and of course I agreed. We wound up, all 3 of us naked and me letting them touch and do whatever they wanted to Granny. It was the beginning of a beautiful thing. I miss those days, I love being Granny.

Are you needing a Granny to fulfill those gaps you are longing for, Granny Alice is here baby, just call me for some GILF Phone Sex.

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This Nasty Phone Sex blog post written by Alice.
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